September 2015

We Are Reading Every Day at Spanish Oaks!

After having our kick off assembly for our Road To Success program, each student here at Spanish Oaks signed their name on a banner that will be displayed outside the main hall in our school.  Our goal this year as a school is to read 2,500,000, an increase of 500,000 over last year.  Go students, and get out those books!

Spanish Oaks Teachers' Favorite Things

The PTA has put together a "Teacher's Favorites Things" display just outside Mrs. Brown's office in the East hallway of the school.  The purpose of this display is to not only get to know our amazing teachers better, but in the event a parent or student would like to "gift" them something, this information will help with useful gift ideas.  There are items listed from their favorite snack and hobbies to classroom supplies they could always use more of!  Please feel free to take a look the next time you are at the school!

Safety First in Kindergarten!

Kindergarten students had a very important visitor last week, Mrs. Christie Leber a 911 dispatch operator.  She taught us about safety and how and when we should use the 911 emergency number.  We learned that the three most important times are to:  1) Report a fire   2) Save a life   3) Stop a crime.   She also taught us the importance of knowing our name, address and phone number so we can help the emergency teams help us.   We all got a 911 magnet for our homes and a cool bracelet that reminds us of when we should call 911. Thanks, Mrs. Leber!

Miss Mellor's Kindergarten Meet New School Counselor

Kindergarten students got to meet our new school counselor, Mrs. Winkler, this week.  She read us a story called, "My Many Colored Days" by Dr. Seuss.   We loved learning about how sometimes our days can be like colors ... bright and happy like yellow, or sometimes sad and lonely like gray.   We loved meeting Mrs. Winkler and can't wait until she visits us again!