February 2016

Spring BOGO Book Fair March 28-April 1, 2016


A big 'Thank You' to everyone for supporting the Fall Book Fair.  The funds we raised from that fair recently purchased 70 new cd/book sets for the listening centers in the younger grades and 10 new guided reading sets for the older grades.  All totaled that's just over 350 new books/cd's for our school!!  Stay tuned for information about our BOGO Book Fair coming in March ... Spring BOGO Book Fair March 28-April 1, 2016

Miss Robison's Class Attends Peter Pan


Today we had the opportunity to go to Scera Theater to see the play "Peter Pan." The students were very excited for the bus ride to say the least. We were in for a treat because "Peter Pan" was funny and very entertaining!  At the end of the show, the cast introduced themselves and they each let a child ask a question.  After eating lunch, we went to a park across the street to play on the playground. Thank you SO much to all the parents that volunteered and made today possible.  We had a blast having you join us!

Spanish Oaks Science Fair Winners

A huge congratulations to the following students for winning the science fair here at the school level.  They will continue on to the district competition:  Jeven Tomlinson, Lucy Kilpatrick, Bailey Maughan, Eric Harward, Aiden Johnson, Gracie Herbert, Naomi Good, Same Jones, Jackie Tiapson, Kam Nielsen, Josh Asay, Dillon Silva and Dylan Bloxham.  Nice job, students!

Our Staff Changes the World One Child at a Time

Spanish Oaks Elementary Staff Appreciation Week was February 1-5, 2016.  Our amazing PTA spoiled us rotten!  From massages to gift baskets ... from catered lunches by Chick-fil-A and Texas Roadhouse to Dippin' Dot treats ... from Decade dress-up Day and student dance-offs, to a HUGE "thank you" graffiti wall ... It was an INCREDIBLE week!   Our staff changes the world one child at a time ... and our PTA supports us EVERY step of the way!  Thank you to everyone who makes our school the place to be!

Spanish Oaks Science Fair

Our annual Science Fair was held today at Spanish Oaks.  The students worked hard and presented some very interesting, and well done science projects.  A special "thank you" to Mrs. Wengreen for organizing this event for our students, as well as super expression of appreciation to all our volunteer judges.  Way to "do science", 5th grade!

100's Day In Miss Robison's Class

Lindsay Robison

Hundred's Day was filled with lots of activities that had to do with the number 100.  It was so exciting to see what 100 items each of the students attached to their shirts.  Miss Robison used the "Old Fart Booth" app to show students what they'd look like when they are 100 years old.  Then they wrote about what it would be like to be 100 years old and drew a picture of themselves.  She read the students the book, "Wolf's Chicken Stew," and told them that we have 21 students in the class, plus teacher and Miss Ale (which would make it 23), plus Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Peterson (which would make it 25).  Students had to figure out how many pancakes each of them would get if we had 100 pancakes.  While they figured out the problem, Miss Ale helped Miss Robison make 100 pancakes.  We also made Hundred's Day Men/Women.  On the shirt students had to write to 100, and on the pants students had to write 100 words off the word wall.  They turned out so cute!