September 2016

Johnny Appleseed Day in First Grade


Our first grade students enjoyed Johnny Appleseed Day today.  They spent the day doing a variety of learning activities that had to do with apples.  To finish off the day, they got to taste their applesauce that they made.  It was a great day!

First Grade Grandparents Program at Spanish Oaks a Huge Success


The first grade students were so excited today to present a program to their grandparents.  They wore their new class shirts and sang their hearts out!  They then had refreshments and went down to see the first grade classrooms.  The grandparents had a great time!  Thanks to Mrs. Phelps, Miss Robison and Miss McKendrick for all their hard work.  Good job, first graders!

First Graders are Good Citizens

Megann McKendrick

We have been learning about what it means to be a good citizen. One of those ways is to follow the laws and rules that we have. We learned about the importance of following the laws in the community and how we can follow the signs that we see when we are out walking or in our car. We had a great time making our own communities together and putting signs in the community we created.

911 Dispatcher Shares Job

Kim Mellor

Kindergarten students had a visit from our favorite 911 dispatcher, Mrs. Christie Leber.  She shared with us what her job as a dispatcher involves and what she does to help our community.  Students then learned the three most important times when they should call 911 immediately.

1) To stop a crime 
2) Report a fire  
3)  Save a life

Students loved learning about how they could help themselves, and others, be safe in an emergency.  


Our 'Treasures' Matter at Spanish Oaks

At Spanish Oaks … we MATTER!  Every person at our school has wonderful talents to share … amazing gifts to give … valued thoughts to impart.  We are important.   Each of us is a GENIUS … and the world needs our contribution.  We each have a gift that others need.   We are enough … We are the change! 

Submit a PEAK Award Nomination

Teachers, staff and faculty are doing AMAZING things each day at Spanish Oaks ...  Do you know someone at our school who really exhibits Positive Energy and Kindness (PEAK)?  The link below gives instructions on nominating qualified candidates who will be recognized at the Nebo School District Board meeting(s).  Let's recognize and celebrate those individuals who are doing things that MATTER each day at our school!

Spanish Oaks Daily Schedule(s)

To help facilitate student check out, appointments, etc., below please find our Spanish Oaks Schedule(s):

Daily Schedules                               

Grade                    Recess                  Lunch                      Planning Time

Kindergarten         10:15-10:30         N/A                        10:15-11:15 (Wed.)
1st Grade              10:40-10:55         11:55-12:30           2:00-2:30
2nd Grade             10:45-11:00         11:50-12:25           1:30-2:00
3rd Grade             10:30-10:45         11:45-12:20            1:00-1:30
4th Grade              2:00-2:15            11:30-12:05           12:30-1:00
5th Grade              1:45-2:00            11:25-12:00        2:30-3:10 (Tue.-Fri.)
6th Grade               N/A                     11:20-11:55           12:00-12:30

School Times                                    

Kindergarten       9:00-11:15         AM         Monday
Kindergarten     12:15-2:30           PM         Monday
Kindergarten       9:00-11:35         AM         Tuesday-Friday
Kindergarten     12:40-3:15           PM         Tuesday-Friday
1st - 6th             9:00-2:30                         Monday
1st - 6th             9:00-3:15                         Tuesday-Friday

Box Tops at Spanish Oaks

Just a reminder to keep a look out for Box Tops!  We would love it if you, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc., could clip and collect them, and then send them with your child to school.  Each classroom has a special Box Top container.  You can find Box Tops on lots of packages, i.e., everything from cereal boxes to tissue boxes.  Each Box Top clipping is worth 10 cents for our school.  Those can add up quickly when we all turn them in.  There will be special prize(s) for the class(es) that collect the most Box Tops.  Thank you for your support!

EXTRA Robotics Program at Spanish Oaks


EXTRA Robotics Program

We invite students in 3rd - 4th grade(s) who want to construct and program with Legos to join our Lego Robotics Program.  Students will attend four (4) classes, two days a week, on Tuesday(s) and Thursday(s) from 3:15 p.m.-4:30 p.m.  Students will meet in Room 12 at the school.  

Dates:  September 27 and 29
             October 4 and 6
  * Family Showcase from 4:00 p.m.-4:30 p.m. on October 6 *

If you are interested in participating in this class, please return the permission slip below.   We will take the first 19 students to sign up.