September 2016

Where is Pete the Cat?

Kim Mellor

Kindergarten students were on the look-out today for Pete the Cat Rockin' his School Shoes.  As they looked for Pete the Cat, they took a tour of the school and visited Mrs. Brown in her office to see if she had spotted him.  No such luck, but did they worry ... Goodness, No!!!   They are just so excited to be in Kindergarten, and they are looking forward to a great year here at Spanish Oaks Elementary.  


Jitter Juice Calms First Grade Jitters

Lindsay Robison

What better way to get rid of the first day jitters than by drinking jitter juice?  All it calls for is a positive attitude, bravery, friendship, confidence, and most importantly, FUN! After trying the jitter juice I asked the class if they liked it, and then we graphed their answers.  Looks like it was a hit!

MMHS Readers Come to Spanish Oaks

Lindsay Robison

We were lucky enough to have a few members of the MMHS football team join us in class today.  The purpose of the football team's visit to our school was to show students how important it is to read. They read a book to my class and then let my students ask them questions. Way to go MMHS for being good role models for the students at our school!

Penny Boats Go Afloat

Lindsay Robison

To build classroom unity, we had a friendly aluminum foil boat making competition. Students were given two pieces of aluminum foil and 5 minutes to make a boat with it. Then we tested each boat to see which would hold the most pennies.  I was very impressed by how creative they were! The winners of the competition were on table 6 with a grand total of 100 pennies!

A Great First Day

Chrissie Robinson

In Mrs. Robinson's class we sorted by how we felt on the first day of school. 13 "loved it" 8 were "happy", 0 were "worried/scared".

New Buddy Bench at Spanish Oaks

A special "thank you" to soon-to-be Eagle Scout, Nathan Dunn, for his wonderful contribution to our school ... a brand new "Buddy Bench"!  This will be a great resource for our school and we are so excited to see how it benefits students this year, and in the future.  Thank you, Nathan!

Buddy Bench Tips:

  1. Before you sit on the Buddy Bench, think of something you would like to do.  Ask someone else to play with you.
  2. The bench is not for socializing ... Only sit there if you can not find anyone to play with.
  3. While you are sitting on the bench, look around for a game you can join in.
  4. If you see something you want to do, or a friends you want to talk to, move off the bench!
  5. When you see someone on the bench, ask that person to play with you!  Try and be the first person there!
  6. If you are sitting on the bench, you need to play with the first classmate who invites you to join them.
  7. Keep playing with your new friends!

First Graders Assist in Making Class T-shirts

Lindsay Robison
Miss McKendrick's Class
Miss Robison's Class
Mrs. Phelp's Class

The first graders were in for a treat this morning because they got to go on a field trip, and it's only the SECOND week of school!  We walked across the street, one class at a time, to help make our first grade t-shirts.  Students got to press a pedal which would trigger the ink to be released onto their shirt.  They also got to watch their shirt go through a dryer and catch it at the end. Most students haven't taken it off all day.  What a fun way to start the year!