October 2016

Spanish Oaks Treasures

This morning a student from each class had their name announced as our school "treasures" of the week.  These are students that do things that matter.  These students got to add their quilt square to our "WE MATTER" quilt in front of the office.  Students MATTER at Spanish Oaks!

Reflections 2016-2017 at Spanish Oaks


We are so excited for another year of Reflections at Spanish Oaks ... 

PTA Reflections is a nationally acclaimed student recognition program to encourage artistic creativity in the classroom and at home.  Students of all grades and abilities may participate and explore the arts based on the 2016-2017 theme:  What Is Your Story?

Kick-off Assembly:  October 13
Entries DUE to School:  November 9
Judging:   November 11
Closing Recognition Assembly:  November 16
Entries to Council:  November 18


Arts Integration at Spanish Oaks


We are ALL integrating the arts at Spanish Oaks ...  Office staff, school nurse, librarian, lunch lady, counselor, teacher(s), administration, etc., all enjoyed learning from our amazing Mrs. Johnson.  Thank you, Stacey, for sharing your talents and love for the arts!

School Picture Day

Our School Picture Day is tomorrow, October 6, 2016.  Please remember to send your student(s) with the school picture packet that was sent home the first of the month.  ALL students will have their picture taken so they can be included in the class photo. 

School picture retakes will be Tuesday, November 8.  If your child has pictures taken on the regular picture day and you would like to have them retaken, please send the entire picture packet back to school with your child on this day.  Your child will turn the packet in and have another picture taken.  

If you forget to send your picture money on our regular picture day and you want a packet, your student(s) will need to have their picture taken again on retake day and give Lifetouch the order packet with payment then.  

When you receive your picture packet, the class picture will not be included in the packet.  Class pictures will not arrive until 1-2 months after retake day.  Smile pretty, Spanish Oaks!

What's the Buzz in Kindergarten?

Kimberly Mellor

Kindergarten students had a visit  this past week from Mr. John Baird a local bee keeper.Mr. Baird shared with students how a bee keeper prepares a hive for the bees to live in.  Next,  he taught them what the honey bees must do to prepare the hive to house the honey they produce.   Then, he then showed the process of extracting the honey from the hive and how he and his family prepare the honey to be sold to his customers.   Mr. Baird also had a super cool display of about 1,000 live honey bees!!  The display lets students see what the inside of a real hive would look like.    It was so fun to see the bees moving around inside the display and hear their buzzing sounds.   At the end of his visit students all got to taste some of the delicious honey from one of his beehives.   We loved learning more about honey bees!