October 2017

Big Black Bubble?

Kim Mellor

Miss Mellor's Kindergarten students had a fabulous time inside a giant black bubble this week.  We took off our shoes, crawled inside the big bubble and read Halloween stories with a flashlight.  Our favorite story was a book about Jack-o-lantern faces where the pictures of the book glow in the dark.  What a fun time we had!!!    


Lunch on the Lawn

Kim Mellor

Kindergarten students celebrated our first trip through the ABC's by having  Lunch on the Lawn.   All students brought a lunch or snack from home and during lunch they were asked to identify the beginning sound of each item in their lunch.  Kids enjoyed Sandwiches,  Cookies, Chips, and many more yummy things. 


PTA Book Fair This Week at Spanish Oaks

Parents - the Book Fair is up and running this week in the back vestibule.  Online shopping is also available at:  http://www.scholastic.com/bf/spanishoakselemsch1  Don't forget to let Grandma & Grandpa know too - books make great gifts for grandkids!  Books ordered online are delivered to the school the week after the fair.  If you do not wish your books to be delivered to your student (gifts), call the main office and let them know.  We'll call you when the books arrive.


Nebo Education Foundation Grant Awarded to Mr. Crockett

The Nebo Education Foundation is composed of 20 volunteer board members who live in cities serviced by Nebo School District. Each month, the foundation meets to discuss grant requests and other ways to raise money for the continual improvement of Nebo School District. For the month of October, there were many teachers who submitted requests for grant money to better their classrooms and/or school as a whole. Congratulations to the following teachers who received grants from the Nebo Education Foundation! These teachers continually benefit our district with their service to their students.

  • Spanish Oaks Elementary - Gregg Crockett

“The purpose for writing this grant was for our students to show their work that doesn't get seen.  As we move into a more technological age, students are doing more and more with digital learning. This year my class made their own websites. On these sites they will be putting other digital work, i.e.: Writing, Digital Media Arts, Slides, and many more projects to engage their learning. Unlike most of our student work that we are able to display outside in the halls, this work has gone unnoticed by the students, faculty and our community. By having a TV installed and connected to the Liva mini computer, we will be able to display ALL our students’ work in the hall. A slideshow presentation for the entire school, as well as those who enter the building, will be visible for all to see and appreciate.”

“Beyond being able to place students’ digital works on the screen, we will also be able to have announcements and reminders from the school running in banner format. This will provide a service to all patrons who enter and exit the school, informing them of what we are accomplishing with our students, and what is happening at our school.”


Principal's Week at Spanish Oaks Fun for All!

"Everyday's A Holiday with Kali" was our theme for the week, as we celebrated our amazing principal.  During the week we celebrated:  Valentines, Christmas, Halloween, Cinco de Mayo, Fourth of July and New Years.  Each grade level took a holiday and did something for Mrs. Brown that corresponded with that holiday.  She broke a pinata, rode in a parade as the grand marshall, was "heart-attacked", sang to, and all around loved.  We were also very well fed with treats from each holiday. 

Thank you, Mrs. Brown, for the amazing things you do behind the scenes to make our school such a great place to go to school and to work!  We all love you!

SNAP Assembly At Spanish Oaks


Our studentbody enjoyed learning how to stay safe as they walk and bike to school.  The SNAP participants sang and danced the rules of safety, keeping the students engaged while learning.  Our own Safe Walking Route Map is on the Explorers website if any of you are interested.

Jog-A-Thon at Spanish Oaks a Huge Success!

Spanish Oaks Elementary held their first annual Jog-A-Thon last Friday and it was a huge success!  The students had such a good time, and were such troopers!  Each class had chosen a class song to run to, and they were played all throughout the day.  We plan to continue this activitiy each year!  A special thanks to Nichol Lyman, Miss Babcock, Mrs. Fagergren and Mr. Crockett for all their hard work in getting things organized and ready to go! And a big thanks to Mr. Billie for his help setting things up.  A Shout Out to Walmart for donating 500 bottles of water, fruit snacks and granola bars!  They were so welcome after running laps!  Also, thanks to each of you for your pledges/donations.  

The Book Fair is Coming

The Book Fair is coming!!  Get ready to read!!  Our school's book fair opens next Monday, October 23, 2017.  Come shop for great deals on fun books.  Books make fabulous gifts for birthdays, Christmas and other celebrations. Don't want to wait?  You can shop online NOW through Oct. 28th.  Simply click on this link: http://www.scholastic.com/bf/spanishoakselemsch1 Books ordered online are shipped free to the school and will arrive the first week in November.  They will be delivered to your student.  If you do not wish the books to be delivered to your student (gifts), please call the main office and leave your name/phone number and we will call you when the books arrive.  Let's get reading, Explorers!