November 2017

Bear Den Service Project at Spanish Oaks

Photo by: Laura Bigler

A huge "shout out" to the boys in Bear Den 1519 who decided to clean up our school playground for one of their service projects.  They worked hard Thursday afternoon and picked up a lot of garbage.  They were so proud to make our school a cleaner place to play.  Thank you, scouts, for choosing to:  Be Kind, Show Respect and definitely ... Work Hard!


Road to Success Assembly


Today our Road to Success Assembly was a little out of the norm.  Our very own Aubrey Smith wanted to show students how cool it is to write your own stories and make them come to life.  She came up with a skit starring Snore-a the Explorer and Squeaky the Mouse.  Snore-a and Squeaky were on a quest to find the perfect playground.  On their way, they ran into a Troll, Captain Awesome, and even befriended Wanda the Witch. Snore-a learned that day that it was more important to make new friends than to find the perfect playground. Thank you Aubrey for sharing your writing talent and for teaching students that reading and writing are cool!  

Students Win Bikes


Students earn tickets for the minutes they read during the month.  The more minutes they read, the more tickets they earn.  Tickets are drawn and those students win books during our Road to Success Assemblies.  During our assembly today, students won books and in addition, two tickets were dawn for bike winners!  I have never seen two students more excited to win a bike before!  Their faces were priceless.  

Mrs. Brown Gets Slimed


We had a school-wide goal of earning $5,000 during our Jog-a-Thon.  If the students were to reach that goal then Mrs. Brown would get slimed in front of the whole school.  We exceeded that goal with $5,071.90.  As promised, today Mrs. Brown got slimed during an assembly and it wasn't a disappointment!  Go to to watch the video.  

Learning Edge Arts Conference

Heidi Dimmick

Mrs. Brown, Ms. Brown, and Mrs. Dimmick had the opportunity to go to the Learning Edge Arts Conference. They were able to go to classes about how to integrate art into their classrooms and the power of art to help children understand themselves.

National Education Support Professionals Day

This Wednesday, 11-15-17, is National Education Support Professionals Day where we have the opportunity to honor the contributions of our school support employees.  “These support professionals provide invaluable services and are essential partners in the children’s education process.  National Education Support Professionals Day honors all secretaries, classroom aides, cafeteria workers, maintenance workers, bus drivers and the others that help and do their part in making public schools great for every child so they can be safe, learn, grow and achieve.”  It is with great appreciation that we take a moment to recognize these outstanding individuals at Spanish Oaks Elementary, and all they do to make our school an amazing place to learn and work each day!  Thank you so much ... we LOVE you!

Veterans Day Assembly

Today we had our Veterans Day Assembly, which is one of our favorite assemblies of the year.  It began with the school choir singing God Bless America.  Next, we watched a video about the Flag, and how our National Anthem came to be.  Then, all the Veterans attending the assembly were invited to come up on stage to introduce themselves and tell what part of the military they served in.  In closing, our 5th Grade students sang the Armed Forces Medley while we viewed a picture slideshow of Veterans that are family members of students and/or teachers at our school.  It was a heart-touching and emotional assembly.  Thank you to all our Veterans for being our heroes!  #SpanishOaksExplorers #BeSomeonesHero