February 2018



SafeUT Awareness Days February 22 & 23

 In light of the recent events in Florida and other tragedies that have happened around the country, Nebo School District is teaming up with KSL on February 22, 2018, as we Stand Up for a Safe Utah. Utah has a very powerful resource and that is the SafeUT app.  As you all know, the SafeUT app provides real-time crisis intervention and has been proven to save lives and stopped planned school attacks.   Our goal is to make sure that every parent, student and educator is aware of the app and has it downloaded on their phone.  Throughout the day, KSL will be highlighting all that the app can do, the history behind it, the success stories and much more. In addition, there will be some fun for the students. Below is the outline to encourage student involvement:·        Encourage your friends to download the app·        Use hashtag #SafeUT on posts  KSL Contest: Individuals will be able to share a screenshot of their phone with the app downloaded for a chance to win a $50 visa card These screenshots will need to be posted in the contest on the KSL TV Facebook page The school that is tagged the most by their students will receive 100 pizzas from KSL! The contest will start Thursday, February 22 and Friday, February 23 at 3 p.m. Watch KSL News at 5 p.m. on Friday to see which school will be receiving 100 pizzas! #nebohero #studentsuccess #empowerstudents #engagestudents #focusonstudents #loveUTpublicschools #utpol #uted #NeboDistrict #NeboSchools #safeUT

Box Top Class Winners

The winning classes for our Box Tops race are 3rd place: Mrs. Heaton's first grade, 2nd place: Mrs. Dimmick's third grade, and Mrs. Lewis/Call's class are our first place, Golden Crayon Award winners.   Way to go, students!!

Student Lunch Worker of the Week


Our student lunch workers are doing such a great job!  They are working hard and following directions as they assist in the lunchroom.  Congratulations to Alexis Allred for a job well done!

Teacher Appreciation Week


Last week was every teacher's favorite week of the year!   We sure get spoiled at Spanish Oaks during Teacher Appreciation Week.  Our PTA is way too good to us.  On Monday the PTA decorated our doors with words of affirmation from each of our students. The teachers even got drawn as superheroes! On Tuesday each teacher got their very own Swig drink as well as different types of yummy popcorn.  On Wednesday teachers got Jimmy Johns sandwiches and homemade soup.  On Thursday there was a soft served ice cream machine in the faculty room. Last the best, on Friday teachers had Texas Roadhouse for lunch and to top it off they sent us home with a gift bag!  We are so spoiled!  Thanks again to our PTA  for all they do for us.

Stakeholder Survey


Nebo School District is always trying to improve communication and responsiveness to our stakeholders. To that end, we invite students, parents and teachers to give feedback on teachers and administrators in Nebo District schools.  A link to the Nebo Stakeholder Survey 2017-2018 will be found on the Nebo home page at www.nebo.edu beginning Thursday, February 8 and will remain open until Saturday, February 24, 2018, where Nebo District stakeholders will be able to share their thoughts and experiences. (Parents and employees will be emailed a link to help them gain access, while students will be shown the link in their computer labs.)

The purpose of the Nebo Stakeholder Survey is to help us improve instruction and to keep our finger on the pulse of our patrons. For feedback to be most useful, we suggest being polite even when sharing intensely positive or negative feelings, sharing specific experiences that illustrate your ratings, and using appropriate language in all circumstances.

Thank you for your helpful feedback.

Lunch Worker of the Week at Spanish Oaks

We are SO excited to announce our very first Spanish Oaks Lunch Worker of the Week ... Whitley Devenish!  "I worked hard, and I got it!" said Whitley.  She learned that by following the rules and working hard, you get big rewards!  Congratulations, Whitley!

Mrs. Slaymaker and her team of amazing Lunch Ladies are watching carefully the actions of our lunch workers throughout the week.  On Friday of every week, they will select one (1) individual who has met all the below criteria: 

  • Listen and follow instructions given by our Lunch Ladies, Ms. Karen and Mr. Billie.
  • When you are serving the food, please do not call out to teachers, friends or siblings.
  • When cleaning tables:

           a.  Clean the trash off tables and then wipe the tables. 
           b.  Do not whip your dirty rag on the table, twirl it in the air, or touch anyone with your rag. 
           c.  Wipe the benches when there is a spill.

  • You are finished when you are excused by Mr. Billie or Ms. Karen.

We are SUPER excited to recognize (and reward!) individuals who are choosing to ... Be Kind, Show Respect and Work Hard in our lunchroom! 

Tardy Smarties at Spanish Oaks

We are having a great time with our Tardy Smartie "on time" celebration activity.  On random days, Mrs. Brown calls out a number over the intercom during morning announcements.  If the student who has been assigned that number in each classroom is in their seat and ready for the day, they get to come down to the office and get a Smartie from the secretaries.  Here are last weeks Tardy Smarties!