February 2018

Spanish Oaks Science Fair Winners

Our science fair winners this year in our fifth grade are:  Madison Brittain, Rhys Mason, Kaden Allen, Trey Leber/Gavin Branch, Garrett Ratliff, Paige Johnson, Jaylee Stumpe, Aidan Hawk, Carsten Good and Brandon Bodmer.  Congratulations for a job well done!  Thank you, also to the fifth grade teachers for their time and dedication!

Reading Assembly at Spanish Oaks Turns "Wet"

Lindsay Robison

We had a very fun reading assembly on Monday!  Students receive reading tickets for doing their daily reading at home.  The more minutes a student reads, the more tickets they earn.  Tickets get drawn at reading assemblies to earn books and at this assembly two students won bikes!  Another fun part of this assembly was that all the lower grade students were to become experts on the book “They All Saw The Cat” and they competed against our librarian, Mrs. Hill.  All the upper grade students were to become experts on “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone” and they competed against Mrs. Brown.  Two students also won brand new bikes ... Congratulations to Evan and Samantha!!  #SpanishOaksExplorers #BeSomeonesHero