March 2018

Seussical A HUGE Success at Spanish Oaks

Horton, Maisey, the Whos and Kangaroos ... just a few of the characters that delighted us in our school play.  Mrs. Call and Mrs. Lewis have done an outstanding job helping the actors and actresses present an amazing story for us to enjoy!  The students' and teachers' hard work really showed as they sang and danced their way into our hearts.  Parents and families are invited to attend Thursday and/or Friday night(s) at 7:00 p.m.  All who come will not be disappointed!  Thank you for a job well done!

Excellent Explorer Award Winners at Spanish Oaks

It’s time again for our Excellent Explorers Celebration!  We really enjoy giving these students some love as they make the rounds throughout the school in the morning, and then have a special lunch with Mrs. Brown.  Here are our winners:  Paxton Buhler - “Paxton has been very respectful and helpful with keeping the classroom clean.  He is always a good friend.  He is always on task and he always tries his best.”  Kinzie Vincent – “Kinzie very respectfully stood up to her friend when she thought she was doing something that wasn’t fair.  She helped her friend to see the problem and fix it.”  Jasmine Lott – “She is so kind and friendly. She is helpful, happy, and if someone is upset she usually always helps them.  I love her as a friend and I’m so glad I am her friend.  She isn’t hurtful or mean.”  Ehlana Dodson – “Lana is a very hard worker in class, with an exceptional mind for learning.  Her behavior is respectful, kind and generous.”  Kenzie Baird – “Kenzie is such a sweet and thoughtful girl.  She is always going out of her way to help others.  She always does things with a smile on her face and offers kind words to her classmates whenever she can see someone needs to hear them.”  Congratulations, students!