October 2018

Pumpkin Drawing

EmmaLee Stewart

The third grade students at Spanish Oaks Elementary had the opportunity to participate in a fun Halloween themed art project. They all drew their own jack-o-lanterns and then they were able to use chalk to add color to their pumpkins. They had so much fun! 

PTA Book Fair at Spanish Oaks


We have an exciting Scholastic Book Fair coming to our school October 22-26!  We hope you will be able to make some time to come over to the school.  We will be open during school hours, and until 8:00 p.m. SEP night on Thursday. 

Did you know?  Reading just 20 minutes a day exposes your child to about 1.8 million words per year.  Reading helps students develop a stronger vocabulary, and in addition, students who read for pleasure average higher grades in English, mathematics, science, and history!

If you are unable to attend the Scholastic Book Fair, but would still like to donate or purchase books, you can do so at:  www.scholastic.com/bf/spanishoakselemsch

 Thank you for supporting reading at our school!

Congratulations, Mr. Pancake!

Dale Phelps, with Nebo Credit Union, is a champion for Spanish Oaks Elementary ... and received our Business and Education Partnership Award today!  Mr. Phelps drops in regularly to make sure our needs are taken care of.  He is willing to help with anything at the school, e.g., teachers, students, parents, etc.  We are so appreciative of Dale's continued support for our Spanish Oaks community!  Thank you, Mr. Phelps and Nebo Credit Union, for your service to our school! 

Macey's School Cents Program for Spanish Oaks


Did you know that a 30 second stop at the Macey's customer service counter could earn free money for our school?  When Spanish Oaks parents shop at Macey's, the store gives back 1% to our school for every dollar spent.  Simply stop by the Macey's service counter on your next visit and give them your name and phone number and ask them to link your Perks account to our school - Spanish Oaks Elementary.  Then every time you grocery shop this school year you will be helping earn free money for our kids.  Even if you have linked your account in the past, please do it again.  Macey's requires parents to renew the link each school year.  Thank you so much for helping our school!!

Travis Johnson


Travis was born in Arizona.  He went to elementary school here at Spanish Oaks.  He graduated from Maple Mountain.   He is a great baker.  He likes to sing.  Travis has a tender heart and is the best at taking care of people.  Travis has been working as a sweeper at Spanish Oaks for about 7 years and loves all the teachers.  He likes to watch animal videos and video games.  He enjoys watching movies.  He also works at Macey's Grocery Store and loves seeing people he knows.  He is a big Disney fan.  He has one brother that is on a mission and misses him a ton.  Travis has a great sense of humor and loves it when people laugh at his jokes.  Travis would go out for a cheeseburger every day of the week if he could.

PTA Health and Safety Week at Spanish Oaks

Next week (October 8th - 12th) will be our PTA Health and Safety Week.  Each day we will dress up to show our commitment to being safe and doing things that make healthy habits. 

Monday is Internet Safety day.  Please wear WHITE to show your commitment to being safe when using the internet. 

Tuesday is our school’s PICTURE DAY so don't worry about dressing up for health and safety week on this day.  Just wear a big smile to school.  Today we are smiling big to show how being healthy and smart can make us happy. 

Wednesday is Walk to School safely day.  If you want to walk to school in the morning, please make sure to stay on the sidewalks and to STOP at all crosswalks to check for cars.  We also get off our bikes and scooters, and walk them across all crosswalks.  Please wear GREEN to show your pledge to walking to school safely.

Thursday will be No Violence day.  Please wear PURPLE or BLUE to show that you will use other ways to fix problems than violence.

Friday will be our last day of Health and Safety Week where we will all wear RED to Say No to Drugs to show that we are choosing to say no to drugs. 

Thank you for participating throughout the whole week, and for making safe and healthy habits for the future.  Have a great, safe and healthy day!

Jog-a-Thon on FRIDAY


Our annual school fundraiser Jog-a-Thon is on Friday!  Students can collect pledges in their donation envelope for how many laps they run, or as a flat rate donation.  Our goal is for each student to raise $10, which will help us meet our goal of $5,000 for our school!  Parents are invited to come cheer for their children during their assigned Jog-a-Thon time.  Thank you for supporting our school!

  • UPDATE:  PM Kindergarten @ 2:30-3:00

Jog-a-Thon Times and Details