5th Grade Walk for Life

This year the students of Spanish Fork elementary schools participated in the city's Walk For Life project ...  Students were invited to bring the name of someone in their family who is (or was) a Veteran that they then represented in the Walk For Life.  This name was placed on their "dog tags" for the day.  A “Wall of Honor” was also created in correlation with our Walk For Life walk in May ... The idea of the Wall of Honor was to have each 5th Grade student honor their service member with a small memorial page.  This Wall of Honor page was displayed with all 1200 other students on the day(s) of the walk, May 17 and 18th.  Students went to eight (8) different stations where actual Veterans shared stories of their service.  It was an amazing day, beginning with a Flag Ceremony and closing with the Retiring of the Colors.  Thank you, Spanish Fork, for this unforgettable opportunity!  Thank you to all Veterans, past and present, for your service.