Excellent Explorer Award Winners at Spanish Oaks

We are happy to once again announce our Excellent Explorer Award Winners for our first term.  These are students that go the extra mile, choosing each day to ... Be kind, Show respect and Work hard. 

Our winners are:  Eli Asay-6th grade. "Eli is always on task and is the first person ready for each new lesson.  He is a really good sport whenever we do competitive games and he congratulates the people who beat him.  He helps others to stay focused and follow the rules.  He is kind to his classmates and his teachers."   Harley Rowbury-3rd grade.  "Harley is an exceptional young girl and she is so kind.  She is always looking for ways to help others.  She is the first one to jump up whenever someone is in need.  I often see her walking up to students at recess who are on their own and asking them to play.  She is always excited to take on new challenges and does so with a positive attitude.  She is such a happy and fun girl to be around and is an excellent example to everyone around her."  Tristan Allen-4th grade.  "Tristan is always willing to be partners with anyone and looks for others who are lonely or might need a friend.  One of his partners was frustrated and started crying and getting angry.  Tristan just patiently waited until his partner calmed down and asked how he could help.  I think that Tristan exemplifies the quality of "being kind" to others.  When other kids are unkind to him he doesn't react back, but instead responds kindly to them and asks if he can do something differently."  Joshua Keel-2nd grade.  "Joshua seems to always go above and beyond to make sure that everyone in our class is okay and they have a friend.  He sees if someone is having a hard day and he goes over and tries to help make them feel better.  He never has anything unkind to say about anyone.  He also is great to help me out as his teacher.  He will do everything I ask without complaining.  He helps clean the classroom even if it isn't his job because he knows it will help the custodian in our class and me.  Joshua is just a great student and friend.  Evan Green-5th grade.  "Evan is a brand new student to our school.  He is kind and pleasant every time I see him.  He tells me, "Good morning!" and smiles at me each day.  Evan is respectful to those around him, and asks questions if he doesn't understand how things work at school.  He works hard to figure things out on his own, and doesn't get discouraged if he has to try something again.  Each time I see Evan I feel happy and excited to be at school . . . he has made Spanish Oaks an even better place to come each day!"  Thank you to all our students and the great things they do for our school, and for each other!