Nebo Education Foundation Gives Grants December 2016


Foundation President, Dale Phelps, remarked, "It is a pleasure to receive the grant applications and see how remarkable the Nebo District teachers are.  The Nebo Education Foundation facilitates these grant monies to help teachers realize their ideas and students' potential.  As a foundation, we get to see a glimpse at how well our teachers are instructing our students.  Our teachers are truly talented and utilize every penny.  They do such a great job!"  Congratulations to the following teachers that continue to inspire the minds of students ...

Spanish Oaks Elementary – Jill Abbott
Jill Abbott, speech and language specialist at Spanish Oaks Elementary said, “Story Champs is a narrative program designed to help preschool through early elementary age students.  It can be used for individual, small group, and large group speech therapy sessions.  Stories and illustrations are included to teach basic story structure as well as enhanced story structure.  Through the Story Champs program, students learn to retell stories and create personal narratives.  The program targets complex language features necessary for both understanding and producing oral language.  The language concepts targeted in Story Champs directly align with Common Core standards.  I will use the program to work on receptive and expressive language goals for the students on my caseload who are in Kindergarten through second grade. I look forward to using the program to give my students real-life opportunities to learn and use their individual language targets to meet their IEP goals.”