New United States Map at Spanish Oaks

Isaac Smith

"Recently, a brand-new map has appeared on the blacktop of Spanish Oaks Elementary.  This map has bright new colors and new state names.  This is all because of my Eagle Scout project.  I wanted to do something that would benefit those I know ...  I saw the map and knew kids enjoyed looking at it, but just imagined how great it would look repainted!  I enjoyed watching the project come together, and each day as I worked on the project, neighborhood kids, and those that attend Spanish Oaks, would come by to watch the progress and comment on how great it looked.  I appreciated what they said and I hope that this coming year the map can bring many fun recesses and some knew knowledge to students, such as the 5th graders, who can [use it to] memorize the states.  Thanks for this opportunity, Spanish Oaks!"

Thank you, Isaac ...  We LOVE our new map and are so grateful for your service to our school!