PEAK Award Winner Mrs. Downey


March 2017 Nebo PEAK Award Winners ...

Lindsey Downey, Librarian, Spanish Oaks Elementary
Nominated by: Sherri Peterson, Kali Brown, DeAnn Carter, Angela Lindstrom

“Lindsey is an incredible librarian. She spends hours planning and preparing lessons that are educational as well as motivating for the students. She plans the lessons to correspond with CORE concepts taught in each grade level, bringing in technology and guest speakers to engage students. Her library is darling, and she has the students help her do the decorating. She has students spotlight books they have checked out and loved, so peers can enjoy them as well. Lindsey is the best librarian in the elementary schools for the past 30 years.”

“There is no task too small or trivial. Lindsey is willing to help and share her talents at every turn. She excels at communicating library expectations to all teachers, while helping each to be successful and feel supported. The library is truly her ‘classroom’. Everything she does is to ensure learning is happening for each of our students.”

“Lindsey is doing an awesome job with our students in helping them learn how to use the library and to be excited about going to library. She has the library so organized and decorated so it's inviting. She's also so willing to help with anything that is going on in the school. She's PEAK through and through!”

“Mrs. Downey has transformed our library into a fun, educational, kid-friendly room. She has great ideas on how to teach our students about how the library works. She uses games and art to help reinforce the curriculum so that the students not only learn in their classrooms, but also in the library. She is very friendly and helpful. We love her!”