Spanish Oaks Excellent Explorer Award Winners

We are so excited to present our Excellent Explorer Award winners for this quarter.  Get to know and love them like we do!

Kasey Glazier: "During our math class one of the students became upset because they were not able to finish their fast facts.  Kasey went out to the hall to help the other student practice their flash cards rather than play a game and work on his own fast facts."

Amy Bishoff:  "Amy is an amazing student!  She is kind, thoughtful, helpful, and a great friend to everyone.  She is not afraid to try new, hard things, and she is always doing her best work.  She is such a positive asset and example to our class.

Cashton Preston:  "He is a friend to every single person.  He also has a positive attitude.  I have never heard him complain and I have never seen him be rude to another student.  He always has a smile on his face, and is willing to help others."

Ella Chilton:  "Ella should be the Excellent Explorer because no matter what, she is always nice and positive.  She is nice to everyone.  When someone is sad she is always the one to go and cheer them up.  She is a good friend to everyone."

Keaton Grotegut:  "Keaton is always kind and friendly to everyone around him.  He is easy to get along with.  He is a hardworker.  Keaton is always on task and does his best!"