Spanish Oaks Most Valuable Player: Katie Drollinger

Article by: Misty Bard, PTA

Katie Drollinger loves Spanish Oaks so much that she holds two positions in our school.  Not only is she one of our wonderful, special education technicians, but Katie also is a hospitality chair on the PTA board. This is Katie’s first year being on the PTA board and her first year being a technician at Spanish Oaks.  She has excelled about both!

Mrs. Drollinger very much enjoys working at Spanish Oaks. This past year she has loved getting to know all of the faculty and staff.  When I asked her about working with students she commented that she has had to learn right along with the students in some areas.  When Katie finds that a student is having a difficult time, she tries to, “Make them see that everything is hard the first time.  Even for me, and other adults.”

On the PTA board, Katie has been in charge of planning and executing the quarterly SEP dinners for our amazing teachers.  Katie takes great pleasure in “giving back to the staff and faculty that do so much for our kids.”  Whether she is planning an amazingly delicious dinner for the faculty, or helping a student understand something new, we are very lucky to have Katie Drollinger at Spanish Oaks.

Katie loves spending time with her husband and 3 boys, ages 14, 13 & 7.  When not busy with her house of boys and their various interests, Katie’s activity of choice is reading.  Sleeping and cheering on the Red Sox are also some of her favorite things to do.  She loves lilies, chocolate, Diet Pepsi and the color blue.  Katie is so sweet and thoughtful.  It has been a wonderful year having her as a part of our school and we thank her for all she does.

“Strike me down and I will become more powerful than you could possibly imagine” - Star Wars IV