Treasure Celebrations at Spanish Oaks


Every week teachers have been sending the name of someone in their class who has been a "treasure" that week.  We have announced their name(s) on Friday morning and invited them to come to the office for a special "thank you"!  Each weekly recipient added their personal quilt square to the “We Matter” quilt we have hanging outside the main office!!  In each classroom the teachers kept track using our "coins" of all the times their students act in a treasured way ...  At the end of the month teachers turned in these totals and the winning class earned a 'thank you' reward activity.  Miss Young's 2nd Grade Class were our "treasure class winners" for April!  They were treated to a treasure hunt for doing things that matter at our school, i.e., trying hard, doing their best, being respectful, being a good sport, making a friend, being respectful, etc.  Congratulation, students ... you MATTER and we "treasure" you!