WONDERful Night for Spanish Oaks 5th Graders

Ariane Brown, Jess Jackson

At the beginning of the year, each fifth grade class read the book Wonder by R. J. Palacio.  The students learned the importance of treating everyone with respect and "being kinder than necessary."  On Tuesday night, the fifth grade students and their families were all invited to go see Wonder together at the movie theater.  It was a great movie, with even greater company.

It was a WONDERful night for many Spanish Oaks 5th graders ...  The 5th grade classes all read Wonder as a read aloud and then planned a trip to enjoy the newly released movie together.  Students who were able to attend with their families joined the 5th grade teachers (Ms. Brown, Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. Sant) and Principal (Mrs. Brown) at the movies.  It was a WONDERful night enjoyed by all who attended!