School News

Spanish Oaks 'End of Year' Reading Rewards

If you have over 2 million minutes, does it always go with cool music?  Loud cheers?  Over 100 books, 2 $50 College Scholarships, AND a brand new bike given away?  It does if they are reading minutes at Spanish Oaks Elementary!!!  Mrs. Brown rocked the school, with the help of Mr. Crockett providing the tunes, at our end of the year "Race into Reading" Assembly.  Spanish Oaks children read, read and READ ... and the minutes prove it!  So does the love of reading that the children here have developed!  Keep up the great work and ... READ READ READ!


PRCA Rodeo Champions Challenge Reading

The PRCA Rodeo Champions Challenge is coming to the Spanish Fork Fairgrounds Arena Saturday, May 31.  This rodeo will feature the world’s All-star Cowboys who will be in town for one night to compete on some of the world’s best animals for the winning prize. 

Spanish Fork City came to our school to invite all the students of Spanish Oaks Elementary to ‘compete’ alongside the Cowboys in The Reading Champions ChallengeApril 1 thru April 30, 2014.  Students were challenged to keep track of the reading they do during the month of April and return it to their teacher at the end of the month.  Winners were chosen from all of our returned reading calendars from each grade level.  Seven Champion Readers have been awarded two (2) tickets each to the rodeo!  Thank you, Spanish Fork City, for an amazing assembly and awesome reading challenge!  Yee haw!!

Congratulations to:  Brandon Bodmer, Colton Johnson, Jaeda Sannar, Sam Swain, Irelynd Henry, Madison Tilton, and Kelsee Oyler. 


Land Rush at Spanish Oaks

In preparation for the Mini Society and in conjunction with studying U.S. History in the 5th grade, Spanish Oaks had their very own Land Rush of 2014!  Similar to the Oklahoma Land Rush of 1889, students bought their property and ran for their lives!


Spanish Oaks 5K Festival and PTA School Carnival ... HUGE Success!

On Saturday, May 17, Spanish Oaks Elementary held their first annual 5K 'Fun Run' Festival and PTA School Carnival/Basket Auction ... Thanks to you, it was a HUGE Success!!  The morning began with a 5K/1 mile run through the neighborhood surrounding the school.  It was a perfect day for a run, with well over 100 participants!  Our PTA followed with an amazing carnival/basket auction, to include:  dunk tank, duck ponds, Minute to Win It, obstacle course, face painting, and LOTS of delicious food!  A special thank you to:  Gregg Crockett (5K/Fun Run), Todd Bradford (t-shirts), Amber Jones (carnival games), Nicki Newman (baskets), and countless additional PTA board members, teachers and parent volunteers who gave of their Saturday to help support the students of Spanish Oaks.  Thank you so much!

Spanish Oaks May PEAK Award Winner: Mrs. Johnson!

Congratulations to our very own Mrs. Johnson for being awarded the Nebo School District's PEAK Award!!  A grateful nominating parent writes,  "This ‘guardian angel’ cares for [my son] while he is at school ... My son truly loves Mrs. Johnson and knows that no matter what is going on, he will be helped ... I could never thank Mrs. Johnson enough for all she does.  I feel safe taking my son to school.  The only word that can describe her is ‘Angel’!”

6th grade Exploration



All is well no fires! We just got to explore a fire truck today!

A special thank you to our 6th grade teachers!

Amanda Anderson loves sushi, watching TV, her 2 great kiddos, Dr. Pepper, the 6th graders that keep life interesting, her hubby, and cruises, but probably not in that order.

Tiffany Taylor loves- Fireman Taylor (her sweetheart) her two great kids,  Mexican food and diet coke, Hawaii, Disneyland, and Paris, and helping her students achieve success.

Laura Dyches loves her handsome husband, and her 2 great kids! Mexican food is one of her favorites, along with Bare Lake, Switzerland, and The Hunger Games, she loves how her students are always trying to help each other be happy.

Suzie Treff is having a ball with her hubby and new little man. She loves sports and is great at them.

Greg Crockett— loves dancing and working with kids helping them to gain their potential. He loves to tell stories of his childhood and connect with the kids!

Again thank you 6th grade teachers for all that you do!


4th Grade Wax Museum


4th Grade Wax Museum gives the children the opportunity to research prominent Utahans. They organize their research, write, rewrite, and publish a brochure filled with photos and facts about both their chosen Utahan, and themselves. Then they memorizes a monolog and dress up as their star—Sports figures, religious leaders, scientist, historical figures are just a few of those we were able to meet.  Jake Provstgaard our ESL Technician knows David Archuleta so when he saw Kambrie Ivie, a 4th grade student in Miss. Jasmine Ostrander class, he thought it was great! Me took her photo, and texted it to David right then! Within minutes, David replied “She Looks Great!” 

Another cool story is Brynley Baird, in Mr. Todd Bradford’s class was Megan Falkner Brown more commonly known as The Sweet Tooth Fairy found out that she was being highlighted, donated cake bites!

Great job students and thanks for all of the great support that they get from their teachers

Erica Tanner—was born in Seattle Washington, but grew up in Provo—she loves bagels, chips and salsa , push up pops, and telling stories with her students!

Jasmine Ostrander—grew up in Kansas loves chips and salsa, playing games with her students and telling them stories that they all share with others!

Todd Bradford—Mr. B is the proud papa for 2 great boys he grew up in Spanish Fork Utah—he loves reading and shares that love with his students in so many ways!


Spanish Oaks 6th grade Outstanding Orchestra

Mr. Hansen has developed quite the musical sensation with his 6th grade Orchestra at Spanish Oaks Elementary.  Kamry, Alison B & Z, Lydia, Molly and Kaylie, along with Rylie, Kenzie, Heather, Aspen, Leah, Kierra, Sam, Andrew, Trent, and Isaac have been coming early to school 2-3 times a week since October to learn how to play their own instruments and how to play together as an outstanding orchestra! Thanks for sharing your talents with us!


Big Kids Program


The First graders plan, prepare and preform a perfect program for the Kindergartners. They sing and tell stories and even answer questions about what it will be like next year when they are “Big Kids” too. A special thanks to our amazing 1st grade teachers for helping out our Kindergartners.

Mrs. Aagard- Has 5 children and lives anything Cafe Rio-- she is an amazing artist, and raises little chicks.

Miss Libbert- is the second of four kids in her family she loves to watch movies, and read. she loves chips and salsa

Mrs. Phelps was the youngest of EIGHT kids and now has five of her own.  She loves to read, and eat seafood


Run, Fifth Grade Spanish Oaks ... RUN!


On Tuesday, May 13, the 5th grade students in the Spanish Fork area attended the annual Hershey Track Meet at Spanish Fork High School.  Students had fun competing in the 100 yard dash, 200 meter race, 800 meter relay, softball throw, and standing long jump.  It was a beautiful, sunny day and everyone had a great time, including the 5th grade teachers, who took had the opportunity to race!  Run, Fifth Grade ... RUN!