School News

Inclement Weather Plan for Spanish Oaks

As the weather begins to cool, the expectation is for students to go outside on appropriate days.  Students need to come dressed for outside play.  When the temperature is below 20 degrees, students will be inside.  On days when the temperature is between 20-32 degrees, we will make a careful decision as to whether an 'outside' or 'inside' day is appropriate.  Wind chill, air quality and precipitation will always be taken into consideration when making these decisions.  As the inevitable ‘inside day’ is needed, we are grateful to our specialists who will supervise students in the school’s vestibules, providing appropriate inside activities. 

The front and back doors on the east end of the school will be open each morning at 8:00 a.m. Students are welcome to choose to stay inside or go outside once they arrive at school each morning.  If students choose to remain inside, they need to stay in the east hall by the lunchroom where supervision can be provided.  To facilitate student drop-off, the front doors on the west side of the school by the kindergarten rooms will be opened at 8:45 a.m.  Students are welcome in classrooms after 8:45 a.m.  We will continue to have our PM Kindergarten students come to the front door.  This will help us keep our students safe and our school secure.

Holiday Food Drive at Spanish Oaks a HUGE Success

Our annual Holiday Food Drive ran from Tuesday, November 4, 2014 - Friday, November 14, 2014 and was a HUGE success!  Last year through your wonderful support, Spanish Oaks families helped us collect over 2,400 items, more than doubling our school goal.  This year our goal was to TOP last year!!  Thanks to your generous donations, we almost doubled  last year's goal and collected ... 4,365 items!!  All donations to Tabitha's Way  will stay here locally to help stop hunger.

The Student Council was pleased to announce that after another hard fought, nail-biting battle for the grade-level who donated the most items ... 4th and 6th grades ended up with a combined total of 2,679 items!  Both grades will enjoy a doughnut and chocolate milk celebration as a reward!  We want to thank everyone who donated and let you know the Student Council appreciates your help.  Spanish Oaks Explorers are the BEST!  We fill buckets ... AND tummies!

We Fill Buckets At Spanish Oaks


This week's 'bucket fillers' were busy cleaning up classrooms, donating to our food drive, helping friends at recess, acting appropriately in the lunchroom, setting a good example at our assemblies, etc., etc.  Thank you for filling our buckets ... We appreciate you!

SNAP Assembly at Spanish Oaks

Yesterday we were entertained, as well as informed, by a safety assembly entitled SNAP.  The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) Student Neighborhood Access Program (SNAP) is a fun and comprehensive program for walking and biking safely to school that engages and educates students, parents, school administrators, crossing guards and communities.  The performers stressed that the students learn our Safe Walking Route, so we have attached that for your convenience.  Let's stay safe!

Principal Challenge ... National Young Readers Week


The Challenge is On ... BOOK IT! asked principals across the country to take the Principal Challenge and commit to read one entire school day - from the first bell to the last - during National Young Readers Week, November 10-14!

All principals who completed the challenge posted a snapshot of their day and entered for a chance to win 101 copies of Jeff Kinney's ninth book, The Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul, for their school. 

Mrs. Brown was super excited to come read a book in every class on Wednesday!  We fired up reading in our school and joined the hundreds of principals nationwide who spent time in the classrooms ... READING!

Veterans Day at Spanish Oaks Elementary School

We had the amazing opportunity of having our very own Spanish Fork Veterans join us for a Veterans Day Assemby as we showed our love and appreciation for those in the service everywhere who have fought for the freedom of our country.  It was extra special to have Maren Christensen, one of our own staff, play "Taps" as the flag was retired, as well as our school choir singing The National Anthem.

Several of our Veterans were also called "grandpa" as they were joined by their grandchildren that attend our school.  What a great picture!  Our thanks and blessings go out to soldiers everywhere as they serve this great country of America!

Reflections Participants at Spanish Oaks

Thanks to all the students who participated this year in our Reflections program!  We had creative entries that showed a lot of time and effort put into them.  Congratulations as well to our winners, and best of luck to those moving on to the next level of competition.  A special thanks to Laurie Dallon and our PTA for all their hard work and dedication to making this progam successful!

Awards of Merit (Honorable Mention)


            Paige Whittaker, Haley Spencer, Asher Kelly, James Chilton, Lucy Kilpatrick, Adyson Gasser


            Mia Johnson, Ella Chilton, Hunter Meeks, James Tanner

3-Dimensional Art

            Carsten Good,Quinn Burtenshaw, Deacon Hansbrow, Adylin Strong, Will Young

Visual Arts

            Brandon Bodmer, Adley Warner, Parker Johnson, Allison Christiansen, Emily Jex, Derek Ford, Avery Duncan, Scott Packard, Jane Packard, Avery Hunter, Scott Bard, Brisa Freeman, Madison Tilton

Awards of Excellence (Move on to next level)


            Kinzey Tilton, Primary division, Oliver Davis, Intermediate division, Luke Williams, Intermediate division, Jacob Theodosis, Intermediate division,  Spencer Meeks, Middle School division

Film Production

            Brayden Rawlings, Intermediate division, Jaxon Crow, Intermediate division, Paige Burtenshaw, Middle School division

Dance Choreography

            Paige Johnson, Primary division, Paige Burtenshaw, Middle School division

Music Composition

            Kimball Young, Intermediate division, Paige Burtenshaw, Middle School division


            Lynnli Nielsen, Primary division, Will Moon, Primary division, Samantha Jackson, Intermediate division,  Joseph Solis, Intermediate division,  Oliver Stroud, Middle School division

3-Dimensional Art

            Allison Christiansen, Primary division, Alora Randall, Intermediate division, Naomi Good, Intermediate division, Hannah Jones, Intermediate division

Visual Arts

            Kelsey Kilpatrick, Primary division, Samantha Willis, Primary division,  Kambrie Ivie, Intermediate division, Gracie Herbert, Intermediate division, Adaline Rowbury, Middle School division



Spanish Oaks Bucket Fillers


Congratulations to our bucket fillers for the week of November 3-7!  They are great bunch of students who have helped to make our school a great place to be!