School News

Moving and Grooving in Second Grade at Spanish Oaks

The second grade students in Miss Paul's class had a groovy time with their awesome student teacher, Mrs. Robinson, during their movement/zumba lesson.  Everyone got up off the floor and got moving to the music!  Thanks for a great time, Mrs. Robinson!

Apples Everywhere in First Grade at Spanish Oaks

Miss Lybbert's first grade class was treated to a visit from farmers, Matt and Candi McMullin ... They came and read the story "Apples, Apples Everywhere" to the class!  They talked about growing up on farms and working with their families at farmers markets selling fresh fruit!  They donated a box of gala apples and pluots to the class so each child could take one home!  The book was donated to Miss Lybbert's class by the Farm Bureau.  What a wonderful learning experience!

First Grade Scera Theater Field Trip and Picnic in the Park

First grade had a wonderful time attending the play "Miss Nelson is Missing" at the Scera Theater.  The students loved seeing their beloved book come to life on the stage.  They were complimented on being a "respectful and great audience."  After the play, everyone enjoyed a beautiful fall day with a picnic in the park.  It is great to be in first grade at Spanish Oaks!

Bee Keeper in Mrs. Phelps' First Grade Class

Mrs. Phelps' class had the wonderful opportunity of having a local bee keeper come to our classroom and share his knowledge of bees and beekeeping with us.  He left us with an informational class book and poster about bees, as well as a ​​delicious taste of fresh honey.  A special "thank you" to Mrs. Sarah O'Gwin for arranging this Agriculture in the Classroom opportunity for our students.  It was a BEEautiful experience!

Successful SEP Conferences at Spanish Oaks

The end of Term 1 is here, and families came to celebrate student learning at our first SEP Conferences of the year.  We are so appreciative of all our parents who to support their children at home, and want to recognize each of our amazing teachers for their efforts daily on behalf of our students.  A special "thank you" goes out to Katie Drollinger and our awesome PTA for taking such good care of us with a delicious dinner.  Bring on Term 2!

Pumpkins Come to Spanish Oaks

We want to extend a huge "thank you" to Harward Farms for their generous donation of a pumpkin for each student here at our school!  They made the day a happy one for 601 children!  The energy level was buzzing as the truck pulled up, loaded with bright, orange pumpkins!  We look forward to using these pumpkins in a variety of learning activities before they head home with their new owners!

Thanks again, Harward Farms!

Regions Fair At Spanish Oaks

Miss Hughes and her fifth grade class have been working hard on their projects to present to our student body, teachers and parents.  The students each researched a particular region and created visuals to depict details of that region.  The students did an excellent job, and enjoyed cake as a celebration.  Thanks for all your hard work, Miss Hughes, in helping your students to enjoy learning!

It's Football Season at Spanish Oaks!

Wednesday afternoon our sixth grade students and faculty members went head-to-head in a flag football game to kick off Fall Break!  It has been a tradition for many years and always turns out to be a fun time for all!  Our faculty members were the winners in score, but our sixth grade students were the winners in drive and determination!  Good job to all!