School News

Busy Bees in Spanish Oaks Kindergarten

This week our busy Kindergarten students got a chance to meet and visit with a Bee Keeper.  Mr. Jonathan Baird brought a real working honey bee hive into our classroom and the students got to see first-hand how the bees are busy making honey inside their hive.  We learned how the bees work continuously all year long to make the honey that we love to eat.  We also learned that Mr. Baird's bees travel to California to help pollinate the almond trees in the winter, then come back to Utah for the summer to help our local fruit trees.  Two lucky students got to try on a bee suit to see what it feels like to be all covered up to help prevent bee stings while working with bees.  Then we ALL got to taste some delicious honey from Mr. Baird's hives.  We all thought it was yummy!

Kindergarten Students Learn About 911 at Spanish Oaks

Last week the Kindergarten students at Spanish Oaks learned about the importance of the 911 emergency services and how to correctly use them.  Mrs. Christie Leber taught us there are three important times when we should call 911:

  1. To stop a crime
  2. Report a fire
  3. Save a life

We also learned the importance of learning our personal safety information, i.e., our full name, address and phone number, so we can help the 911 dispatcher reach us and our families in case of an emergency.  We all got a really cool bracelet to help us remember when we should use the  911 number.   We are all working on memorizing our personal safety information so we will always be prepared in case of any emergency.

MMHS Golden Eagles Read to Spanish Oaks Explorers

On Friday, September 19, 2014, football players from Maple Mountain High School took time out of their busy school schedules to come and read to the students of Spanish Oaks Elementary.  They visited classrooms and shared their favorite books.  The players encouraged students to always work hard and be the very best they can be! 

"Football players can be role models in the community and can serve others ... It is good for us and good for the kids," said Brad Burtenshaw, Head Coach. "We learn a lot and they learn a lot; it is helpful for everyone all around."  A special "thank you" to Coach Burtenshaw and the MMHS Golden Eagle players for filling our buckets with their visit!

Mrs. Allred's "Class Trip to Kenya"

Mrs. Allred's third grade class earned a class "trip" to Kenya, where they learned great facts about the culture, music and art of that area.  The students are shown here seated in their "airplane", being served a snack by their "stewardess", Mrs. Allred.  The students are looking forward to their next adventure!

Have You Filled Someone's Bucket Today?!?

Thank you to our amazing students who worked hard at filling buckets all week ... One teacher wrote, "This student walked so nicely in the hall and did one hundred other wonderful things!"  Have you filled someone's bucket today?!?

Fourth Grade Water Cycle Rap at Spanish Oaks

Science is no ordinary experience in fourth grade at Spanish Oaks ... Mrs. Rosenvall had her 4th grade students up and out of their desks to rap and learn about the water cycle.  We love to learn!

"It's called the water cycle and it never, ever ends ... 
So better learn the parts my friend,
'Cause it's comin' around again! 
Water cycle, water cycle."

We Fill Buckets at Spanish Oaks!

Each week teachers will choose one student from their class as the bucket-filler of the week.  Here are our newest bucket fillers for the week of September 1-5.  We all feel so good when our buckets are full!  These friends filled buckets all week long in their classrooms and throughout the school.  We Fill Buckets at Spanish Oaks!

September is Attendance Awareness Month at Spanish Oaks


September is Attendance Awareness Month at Spanish Oaks, and all throughout Nebo School District!  A special "thank you" to Mrs. Carter and Mrs. Johnson in our office who help keep track of us and help us remember to be on time and come to school every day.  We appreciate our parents who help their children be in attendance and arrive on time for school each day.  Thank you!

Kindergarten T-shirts at Spanish Oaks


Kindergarten students at Spanish Oaks had the opportunity to help print the designs on their very own kindergarten t-shirts today with the help of Mr. Victor Dominguez of Logo Print Solutions.  We walked to his printing shop and saw the big machine he uses to print each logo on a shirt.  Every student was allowed to help push the pedal that rotated the shirts through the giant wheel where the ink and screening process took place.  Then, each student caught their shirt "hot" off the conveyor belt as it came out of the drying oven!   The students loved being a part of the printing process and were especially impressed with the many colors of paint Mr. Dominguez had lining his shelves.  What a fun and exciting learning experience!