School News

5th Grade Regions Fair

The 5th grade students at Spanish Oaks learned about all 50 states during their annual Regions Fair ... from the state bird of Alabama, to the Seal of Wyoming and everything in between.  They learned about the different regions and cultures here in the USA.  On Thursday, October 3, they were able to present what they had learned through posters, booths and Q&A sessions with students, teachers, parents, and other visitors to our school. One 5th grader said she enjoyed answering questions from parents, teachers, and other students.  Way to go 5th graders ... thank you for sharing your amazing skills and knowledge about the USA!!!

6th Grade Community Heroes Field Trip

Community Heroes
Community Heroes
Community Heroes

The 6th Grade students at Spanish Oaks Elementary had an awesome Community Heroes field trip on Friday, September 27 ... They saw the Search and Rescue volunteers, some of whom were out on a rescue the night before until 3:00 a.m.  They talked about safety and showed their equipment.  The students saw the Utah County Fire Department, who showcased three fire engines, one of which holds 2000 gallons of water and can drive right into a forest fire using a nozzle out front that sprays a wall of water!  They saw the bomb dog and the bomb squad robot in action.  The students learned they receive about 100 calls/year, and the top half of the protection gear that they wear weighs 90-100 pounds, not including the helmet!  They met the SWAT team commander and SWAT team, which has 48 members, including 9 snipers.  They saw their vehicles and learned they are shielded on the front, but not as much on the back, so if they need to retreat, they do it walking backwards.  The students also heard a presentation from a R.A.D. Kids talking about staying safe and what they can do to protect themselves if they are in danger.  They received a safety kit to take home with a card so parents can fingerprint their child and keep it at home in case of an emergency.  Thank you, Community Heroes of Spanish Fork!

Welcome, Miss Shumway!

A warm Spanish Oaks welcome to Miss Katie Shumway, our new 3rd grade teacher!  “It is our choices ... that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities,” - Albus Dumbledore.  This is one of Miss Shumway's favorite quotes, and aren't we glad she chose to come here!  Miss Shumway was born and raised in Provo! She has 2 brothers and 3 of the cutest nephews in the WORLD.  Miss Shumway attended Brigham Young University and is a proud Cougar!!  When it comes to professional football, she is a die hard Steelers fan!  Miss Shumway loves the beach, and history ... but if you are going on a quick trip to Disneyland, Miss Shumway wouldn’t turn it down!  Katie loves to go to movies, try new restaurants, message with her friends, Manni/Peddi's, and reading great books like To Kill a Mocking Bird, Where the Red Fern Grows, The Hunger Games, and of course Harry Potter.  “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light,” - Albus Dumbledore.

String Orchestra A Huge Success!


The students at Spanish Oaks brilliantly survived the first two weeks of String Orchestra!  From our amazing instructor, Mr. Hansen, "Your kids are excellent!  They listen respectfully and do what they are asked.  There are several who seem to have a natural knack for playing a string instrument.  As you may have surmised, learning one of these instruments is no small nor easy task.  We have acknowledged just how difficult it can be.  However, we have also determined that we can Do Hard Things (one of our mottos).  Their presence in the class for the past two weeks indicates that they are ready to engage in this arduous process.  I am privileged to work with each one of them!"  Well done orchestra students!

MMHS Football Players Visit Spanish Oaks

Football Player Visit
Football Player Visit
Football Player Visit
Football Player Visit
Football Player Visit

Football players from Maple Mountain High School took time out of their busy school schedules to read to the students at Spanish Oaks Elementary who are more than half their age and less than twice their size.  They visited classrooms and read their favorite books to the students.  The players encouraged students to always work hard and to be the very best they can be! 

"They are excited ... they are happy ... their faces just really light up," said one young football player.  "They are happy that we are there and it was fun to read to them."

But it's not just reading.  Anytime a high school kid with a jersey comes in wanting to spend time with our children, it makes them fell so important!  They already look up to these high-schoolers physically, but now they look up to them as mentors and heroes as well.  It is only fitting that this year's theme of Superheros found these heroes not in capes, but in jerseys.

"It shows that football players can be role models in the community and how we can serve others, and serve the little kids ... It is good for us and good for the kids," said Brad Burtenshaw, Head Coach. "We learn a lot and they learn a lot; it is just helpful for everyone all around."

We would like to thank Coach Burtenshaw and the Golden Eagle players for their visit!

Movie Under the Stars

The Incredibles

Spanish Oaks students all gathered with their families under a cloudy sky for a movie night outside on the school playground on Friday, September 6, at 7:30 p.m.  To kick off this year’s PTA focus of “Be Your Child’s First Super Hero”, The Incredibles was shown on a gigantic screen.  Families brought blankets, pillows, chairs, and treats and joined us for our movie under the stars!

Welcome Back!

Spanish Oaks Explorers

We are so pleased to welcome each of you back to another great year at Spanish Oaks Elementary!  This year please find valuable information regarding school activities, calendars, policies, schedules, resources, etc., on our school website at  The entire staff is looking forward to working with you and your children!  We are anxious to begin setting goals in preparation for an exciting and successful year.

Our mission is to provide a strong educational foundation, inspire individual potential, foster responsible citizenship and instill a desire for lifelong learning.  This will be accomplished through an enriched curriculum with quality instruction in literacy, mathematics, technology, art, music, science, and social studies.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call.  More than anything we want your child to have an outstanding learning experience here at Spanish Oaks Elementary.  We set very high expectations for each of our students and will do our best in assisting your child to reach their potential.  Thank you very much for your continued support of our learning.  We could not do it without you!

Upcoming Events

  • School Registration (for all new and returning students) - Thursday, August 1, from 7:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
  • Open House / Parent Meeting – Wednesday, August 21, 2:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.
  • First Day of School (1st – 6th) – Thursday, August 22, 8:55 a.m.-3:15 p.m.
  • First Day of Kindergarten – Thursday, August 29

Golden Explorer Awards at Spanish Oaks


Several fifth grade students were honored with the Golden Explorer Award on May 10th . The students earned this award by exceeding academic expectations and goals. One of things they had to do was to read at least 20 books during this school year. These students expressed how much they enjoyed reading new books.

Photo of students that earned The Golden Explorer Award
Top Row L to R: Andrew Pontious, Anna Carter, Arabel Gomez, Kierra Oyler, Kamry Adams, Michael Swan
Bottom Row L to R: Ellie Jewkes, Mandy Rothaug, Andrew Huhtula, Alison Beal, Courtney Smith, Heather Johnson, Tarlan Kelly and Luke Anderson