School News

Subtraction Action

Miss Mellor

Kindergarten students have been hard at work practicing different strategies they can use while subtracting.  We had a fun time practicing subtraction using objects by subtracting or taking away french fries from our containers. We only wish that the french fries would have been real.   What a fun day in math.  

Third Grade Art Enjoyed by All

Mrs. Dimmick

Our third graders put on an art show for their parents for SEP conferences. They studied the life and art of Van Gogh and replicated some of his paintings. They also wrote artists statements with what they learned about art and themselves this year.

Earth, Moon and Sun

Mrs. Stewart

Mrs. Stewart’s class had so much fun learning about the size of the earth, moon and sun. They all got to take a guess at how large the earth, sun and moon are with a fun scaled model using different sized balls. They made some great guesses and learned some really interesting facts about each of their sizes.

Faculty Spotlight Mrs. Johnson, Secretary

This is my 15th year at Spanish Oaks.  It's the best job ever!!  I love working with the incredible faculty and staff and Spanish Oaks, but I especially love being with the kids.  They make life fun and happy.  I am married to the greatest guy and have two wonderful boys.  I enjoy spending time with them.  I also love painting and teaching others to paint.  Life is good.  Enjoy!