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2nd Grade Invention Convention


One thing I personally look forward to every year is the 2nd grade Invention Convention.  Students get to make their own inventions whether it be a life hack to make life easier or a cool game they created.  Then classes sign up to come see all of the inventions.  I was very impressed with the inventions the 2nd graders came up with.  Way to go 2nd grade!

Wax Museum at Spanish Oaks a Success


Our students did a great job being a character from Utah history today in the Fourth Grade Wax Museum.  They has some fun characters, creative costumes and great memorized information on their chosen person.  Thanks parents and teachers, for your hard work in helping your students to be successful!

5th Grade Walk for Life

This year the students of Spanish Fork elementary schools participated in the city's Walk For Life project ...  Students were invited to bring the name of someone in their family who is (or was) a Veteran that they then represented in the Walk For Life.  This name was placed on their "dog tags" for the day.  A “Wall of Honor” was also created in correlation with our Walk For Life walk in May ... The idea of the Wall of Honor was to have each 5th Grade student honor their service member with a small memorial page.  This Wall of Honor page was displayed with all 1200 other students on the day(s) of the walk, May 17 and 18th.  Students went to eight (8) different stations where actual Veterans shared stories of their service.  It was an amazing day, beginning with a Flag Ceremony and closing with the Retiring of the Colors.  Thank you, Spanish Fork, for this unforgettable opportunity!  Thank you to all Veterans, past and present, for your service.


Yearly Reading Goal Met by Students at Spanish Oaks

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Hooray!  We met our yearly goal of 2.5 million minutes being read by our studentbody!  Congratulations students, and hang on tight, Mrs. Brown!  The students were given several options back in September of what they would like their reading reward to be if they met their goal.  They chose to duct tape Mrs. Brown to the wall!   So . . . today each child was given a long piece of duct tape that they used to keep Mrs. Brown "cocooned" to the wall.  Once she was in place, the students were serenaded with Mrs. Brown's favorite song, "Hear Me Roar," as they paraded past.  The students were SO excited, and Mrs. Brown is still good to go!

Orchestra Final Concert


Thank you all for attending the concert last evening.  Your kids were amazing.  There were times in rehearsal where it just wasn’t happening.  However, they pulled it through and performed every number the way I knew that they could.  It was marvelous to be able to help them present that for you yesterday.  I hope that you enjoyed the fruits of their labors.

I hope that they all continue their musical experience, no matter the instrument or ensemble.  Music adds such a richness to our lives.  I am blessed to have participated in this shared experience with your children.

Best of success to all,

Russell Hansen

Mrs. Brown Reading in Classrooms During Hawaiian Day


Spanish Oaks enjoyed dressing for Summer during our Hawaiian Day.  It was great, and we topped off the day with our faculty closing social.  A special thanks to Mrs. Brown for reading in our classrooms during the day.

Free Astrofest Science Day at BYU May 20th

FREE science day at BYU this Saturday, May 20, 2017 from 10 am to 4 pm.  More information can be found on the BYU event calendar page ...

This year is the total solar eclipse, which will be taking place August 21, the day before school starts and many of the activities will focus on how to prepare for the eclipse.

- BYU Dept of Physics and Astronomy