School News

Almost Time for Our Annual Penny War

It is almost time for our annual Penny War!  Each grade will have a chance to earn points for their grade with donated pennies AND ... subtract points from the other grades with nickels, dimes, quarters and dollars.  The winning grade earns a cookie celebration on Friday, April 12, 2018.  The teachers of the winning grade will get to spend the money on classroom needs.

Mark Your Calendars for our PTA Book Fair

BOGO Book Fair is coming in April!!  Come shop for great books at our PTA Scholastic Book Fair ... Monday, April 9, 2018-Friday, April 13, 2018.  Everything at our fair will be BUY ONE GET ONE FREE.  Now is the perfect time to stock up on books for summertime reading.  Our fair will be open all week at 8:30am and will close Monday-Thursday 30 minutes after school ends; and Friday at 2:00pm.  Everyone is invited to our SURF INTO READING night at the school on Thursday, April 12, 2018 from 5:00pm-6:00pm, where we will have fun activities and give away FREE books!!

ENERGY STAR Certification at Spanish Oaks

We are excited to announce that Spanish Oaks Elementary has earned ENERGY STAR certification from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the 3rd year in a row!

The next time you visit, check out the little blue label on display at our entrance – it represents proven, verified superior energy performance over a 12-month period.  ENERGY STAR certified buildings perform in the top 25 percent of similar buildings nationwide!

Thank you for being a part of our sustainability story by taking simple actions to cut energy waste, e.g., turning off the lights in empty rooms, reporting energy waste to our facility manager, any actions that are critical to saving energy in our building, etc.

Here’s to another year of cutting energy waste, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and doing our part to protect the environment ... together!

Spanish Oaks Students Round Up Good Reads



"A team of teachers competed against students in a tamed-down version of barrel racing.  Even though the teachers would want to dispute the outcome of the race, the overall take-away of the assembly was a renewed energy for reading and rodeo ..."  See the full Daily Herald Article below!

Lagoon Summer Fever Fundraiser


For the 2018 season, Lagoon will be introducing the “Summer Fever Fundraiser”.  We are hoping to seize the excitement for summer by giving students and families a jump starts on Summer Fun at Lagoon.  The Summer Fever Fundraiser will offer an exclusive discount to Utah School Families, and the Education Foundations will reap the benefits.

Bike Winners at Spanish Oaks

These two students won bikes in our reading assembly today!  Students earn reading tickets, and the number they earn is dependent on how many minutes they read at home.  The more tickets you have, the greater your chance is of winning a bike!  Great job, Miranda and Rowen, for being amazing readers! #SpanishOaksExplorers #BeSomeonesHero

Champions Rodeo Reading Assembly at Spanish Oaks

Today we had our Champions Rodeo Reading Assembly!  Students got to see a professional cowboy and his eight-year-old son rope a plastic steer.  A couple students from our school also got to try to rope the steer. There was also a teachers vs. students barrel race ... and the students won!  By reading 7 days a week in the month of April, students have a chance to win cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, jeans, AND tickets to the rodeo!  Please watch for your Reading Calendars to come home on Monday!  #SpanishOaksExplorers #BeSomeonesHero

Utah Opera Visits Spanish Oaks

We had the opportunity to hear from the Utah Opera yesterday!  They played “Who Wants to Be an Opera Star!”  All the students got to learn lots of fun facts about opera music and they got to hear many opera songs.  What a great learning opportunity!  #SpanishOaksExplorers #BeSomeonesHero