School News

Mrs. Brown Introduces New Theme with Great Book

Our theme this year, "Welcome to OUR family ... there's Room for ALL!" comes from the picture book The Big Umbrella, by Amy June Bates.  It is a great story about an umbrella that loves to help and give shelter, no matter who needs it.  The book says some people worry that there won't be enough room under the big umbrella, but the amazing thing is . . . there is.  Just like there is always room for everyone who comes to our school . . . we are one big family.

Mrs. Brown introduced this theme to each of the classes and shared how we will celebrate "Our Family" here at Spanish Oaks this year.  Here she is reading in Mrs. Dimmick's third grade class.

Back to School at Spanish Oaks


Welcome Back, Spanish Oaks Families!  If you couldn't make it to our awesome Back to School presentations on Friday, below are the links to our PowerPoints, as well as videos of our presentation(s).  These can be found all year long on our "parent" link.

Welcome Back - Mrs. Brown ... video (first 8 min)

Kindergarten ... video

1st Grade ... video

2nd Grade ... video

3rd Grade ... video

4th Grade ... video

5th Grade ... video

6th Grade ... video

Looking forward to a super year learning alongside each other at Spanish Oaks!   Welcome to OUR family ... there's Room for ALL!


Specialist Introductions at Spanish Oaks

We have an amazing group of women as our Planning Time Specialists.  They introduced themselves to each class today so the students are excited to come and ready to go start learning tomorrow!  Thank you ... Mrs. Huffman (P.E.), Mrs. Waggoner (Computer), Mrs. Drollinger (P.E.), Mrs. Hill (Library), and Mrs. Gunderson (Art).  We LOVE you!


Disaster Shelter Live Tour & Preparedness Fair


Disaster Shelter Live Tour & Preparedness Fair

This Fair will be held on September 16, 2019 at the Nebo School District's Summit Center.  The Red Cross will be setting up a shelter and will provide a free meal for the first 400 attendees.  There will be preparedness classes which you can sign up for.  If you and your family are interested in seeing what a shelter looks like, you may want to attend this fair. 


Bus Loading Zone

We will have buses coming to the school each day for two new classes joining our Spanish Oaks family this year.  With this addition, the bus loading zone will be actively used throughout the day.  Buses will need access to the bus lane at all times.  Parent drop off and pick up will no longer be permitted in the identified bus loading zone.  We need to keep the bus lane clear at all times.  Parent drop off and pick up will continue in both the East and West parking lots.  Thank you for your support!