School News

Orchestra Concert at Spanish Oaks

"Thank you all so much for coming to the concert last evening and filling the seats.  It was marvelous to see that much familial support and lots of friendly faces.  Your kids did a fantastic job at demonstrating what they have learned to this point.  I’m very pleased with how they performed.  I hope that you all enjoyed your time listening to them.

I thoroughly enjoy working with your kids.  They have been fantastic so far.  Thank you all for encouraging them in developing this talent."

Russell Hansen

Spanish Oaks Excellent Explorer Award Winners

We are so excited to present our Excellent Explorer Award winners for this quarter.  Get to know and love them like we do!

Kasey Glazier: "During our math class one of the students became upset because they were not able to finish their fast facts.  Kasey went out to the hall to help the other student practice their flash cards rather than play a game and work on his own fast facts."

Amy Bishoff:  "Amy is an amazing student!  She is kind, thoughtful, helpful, and a great friend to everyone.  She is not afraid to try new, hard things, and she is always doing her best work.  She is such a positive asset and example to our class.

Cashton Preston:  "He is a friend to every single person.  He also has a positive attitude.  I have never heard him complain and I have never seen him be rude to another student.  He always has a smile on his face, and is willing to help others."

Ella Chilton:  "Ella should be the Excellent Explorer because no matter what, she is always nice and positive.  She is nice to everyone.  When someone is sad she is always the one to go and cheer them up.  She is a good friend to everyone."

Keaton Grotegut:  "Keaton is always kind and friendly to everyone around him.  He is easy to get along with.  He is a hardworker.  Keaton is always on task and does his best!"

New Guided Reading Books at Spanish Oaks


Mrs. Dimmick's class was excited to receive a grant from the Nebo Foundation for new guided reading books.  Mrs. Brown was able to match the grant and we were able to order 31 new sets of guided reading books!!  The students are so excited to get to read the new book.  

Clark Planetarium Visits Spanish Oaks


Our fourth, fifth and sixth graders enjoyed some great science experiments today with some visitors from the Clark Planetarium.  They learned about a variety of science concepts while having fun at the same time!  What a great assembly!

Nebo Education Foundation Grant Awarded to Mrs. Dimmick


Spanish Oaks Elementary - Heidi Dimmick

“I would like to thank the Nebo Foundation for the grant for books to add to our guided reading library in the M-P levels, as well as higher level books that are appropriate for third-grade students.  Third-grade is a pivotal year where students go from learning to read to reading to learn.  It is so important to help them find books that they love.  When students are exposed to books that are in a series that they like, then they are more likely to continue reading the series.  This helps students to love reading.  Thank you for making this possible!” exclaimed Heidi Dimmick, third-grade teacher at Spanish Oaks Elementary.

Nebo Education Foundation board members meet each month to review and award grant requests, consider fund-raising avenues, and other items that advance the educational opportunities for Nebo School District students.  The Nebo Education Foundation functions through generous donations made by individuals and businesses.

Foundation past president, Kristina Christensen, said, "It is a pleasure to receive the grant applications and see how remarkable and creative the Nebo District teachers are.  The Nebo Education Foundation facilitates these grant monies to help teachers realize their ideas and the students' potential.  Our foundation board gets to see a glimpse at how well our teachers are instructing our students."