School News

District Keyboard Champions

Both of these students were first place winners from Spanish Oaks Elementary at the District Keyboarding Competition held at Spanish Fork High School on Wednesday, April 18, 2018 ... Eli Asay (5th) typing 109 WPM and Alli Christiansen (4th) typing 88 WPM.  Congratulations, and well done!!

Ashley Christiansen explained her experience at the Keyboarding Competition.  "It was so exciting for both of the Spanish Oaks Elementary kids to win the Keyboarding Championship last night. I was so appreciate of Alli's teacher being there up until the very end (it was a long night) and also Lorraine is such a fantastic keyboarding teacher.  Allison won the 4th grade typing 88 WPM and Eli won the 5th grade typing 109 WPM, it was pretty amazing because there were 29 schools there representing and I think they said 400 kids there at the championships! I was pretty surprised they both won $100 which was fun. I was so appreciative of Lorraine she was such a solid solid keyboarding teacher."  

5th Grade Program

Today we had the opportunity to watch the 5th-grade program.  It was jam-packed with facts about U.S. History from songs, speaking parts, and quiz questions.  A 5th-grade student would ask a quiz question and the rest of the students in the school would use sign language to tell their teacher what letter option they thought was the correct answer.  The teacher would use letter cards to show the 5th grade what their class thought the answer was.  Then the 5th grade would sing a song about the answer to the quiz question. Thank you to Josie Chilton for being a wonderful pianist!  Great job 5th grade!  

Vocal Dimension OperaWorks Assembly


VOCAL DIMENSION “OPERAWORKS”  is a mixed quartet with piano accompanist that presented an entertaining introduction to the world of Opera.  Students learned about the history, the voice parts, and various elements of Opera.  They enjoyed the “light” side of Opera as they, themselves, became the makeup artist, prop director and sang in the Opera chorus of a delightful version of the “Three Pigs.” Energetic, and fast-paced, “Operaworks” proves that Opera really can be fun!! 

Donor Choose Grant

Gregg Crockett

Today Mr. Crockett's class received the supplies that were awarded from a Donors Choose Grant.  His class now has headphones to go along with their Chromebooks.  This allows the students to do even more with their Chromebooks.  As they are working on projects and need to add sound, or watch a video from a presentation; they can do so without interrupting their fellow students.  Students can now accomplish even more in class thanks to this generous donation from the Ripple Company and the site that allows teachers to apply for grants and lets individuals help those teachers out.

Thanks to and Ripple again for the wonderful gift for our class.

Lunch Worker of the Week at Spanish Oaks

Shiloh Slaymaker

Jenna Jenna Jenna Rowley. She was fun and great to get along with. She did her job on the line getting lunch out to the hungry students while keeping the lunch ladies entertained.

Spanish Oaks Teachers Receive BYU Art Endorsement


Nebo School District had their first integrated art endorsement class through BYU.  Congratulations to the following:

Shalese Rogers - Instructional Coach 
Dolly Scharf - Foothills
Heidi Dimmick - Spanish Oaks
Christy Nielson - Riverview 
Kristen Jenkins - Barnett
Not pictured: Ariane Brown - Spanish Oaks 

Emily Monroe Spanish Oaks Teacher of the Year

“Emily understands the importance of meeting the students where they are.  She keeps a sharp eye on student understanding and realizes the importance of parent involvement in the success of each child.  Emily is dependable, hardworking, and works positively with the entire school community.  She is well organized and thrives under adversity.  Emily has the ability to collaborate and finds value in the ideas of others.  She is an outstanding person!”  We love you, Mrs. Monroe!!

PTA Carnival Time at Spanish Oaks

Emily Gunderson

It is PTA carnival time and that means we are looking for awesome donations from you!  Check your gift closets, your wallets for unused gift cards, the clearance aisle, or hit your boss up for something amazing ... and send it with your student to the school by April 30th!  They will get a ticket to the dunk tank and a chance to dunk Mrs. Brown, or one of the teachers.  The donations will be put in themed baskets and auctioned off the night of the carnival.  Thank you for your support!

Our annual PTA School Carnival will be Friday, May 11, 2018 from 5:00p.m.-8:00p.m.