School News

Save the Date for our PTA Carnival


Save the Date:  May 12, 2017  5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

We are so excited to announce that this year the PTA will be awarding each student at Spanish Oaks ... 1 wristband for unlimited play on the inflatables and rock wall ... IF the school is able to reach the reading goal this year!  Keep reading Spanish Oaks ... we excited to celebrate a GREAT year of reading!!

At our PTA Carnival this year we are hosting “Spanish Oaks Got Talent.”  This is an opportunity for students to show the school, their friends and neighbors their talents:  singing, dancing, playing instruments, etc.  All acts need to be three (3) minutes or less.  Please sign up with your name (or names), description of act, and parent name and phone number/contact information.  Signups are closed May 5, 2017, and we will contact you with performance details by May 9, 2017.  If you have any questions, please contact Laura Theodosis at 512-810-2990 or


Keyboarding Competition


Congratulation to the fourth and fifth grade students involved in the Nebo School District keyboarding competition.  They did a great job!

Kiwanis TERRIFIC Kids Nominations


Below please find our Kiwanis TERRIFIC Kids Nominations 2017 for Spanish Oaks Elementary:

  • Mrs. Taylor / Mrs. Dyches

Alia Jensen 
Mitchell Kendell

  • Mr. Bradford

Alexa Adams
Quinn Burtenshaw

  • Mr. Crockett

Avery Duncan
Karter Barbakos





Reading Celebration Winners


These students won an afternoon with Mrs. Brown because they have been reading a lot at home!  They got to eat pizza with a student from every class in the school and with Mrs. Brown!  Way to be amazing readers! 

Butterfly Tent and Life Cycle

Megann McKendrick

In our class we have been learning about the life cycle of butterflies. We got our butterflies when they were caterpillars and have watched them eat and eat, turn into chrysalises, and then break free to be beautiful butterflies. We have recorded each stage in our science journals and made predictions on what the caterpillars/chrysalises and butterflies would do next. After all of that, we celebrated by playing with the butterflies in a butterfly tent! 

5th Grade Program


If you don't know a lot about U.S. History then the Spanish Oaks 5th Grade Program is the place to go!  The 5th grade worked so hard to memorize songs about American History, and they did an amazing job performing!  Not only did they sing, but they projected quiz questions between every song so we could learn too!  Great job 5th grade! 

Champions Challenge Rodeo Ticket Winners


Our school read over 225,000 minutes in the month of March!!  We celebrated this great accomplishment with a reading reward assembly.  We have some very excited students since our rodeo assembly!  The following students received free tickets to the PRCA Champions Challenge Rodeo on June 3rd: Brendon Snyder, Aliza Curtis, Kameela Varela, Cody Drollinger, Carrie Kump, Anabel Chavez and Audrey Arndt.  Kameela and Cody were also the grand prize winners for our school, which entitles them to a new hat, boots and Wranglers.  These 7 students read a combined total of 6,015 minutes during the month!  Wow!!  Keep up the great reading so we can get Mrs. Brown on that wall.

Kindy 500 At Spanish Oaks


Our Kindergarteners paraded their cars to "Life is a Highway" today for our studentbody.  They each had a super car that they have decorated and got to spend the morning in moving around to great spots in "America".  They learned about a number of historical landmarks, being visited by people in history.  Thanks students, teachers and parents for a job well done!