School News

2017-2018 Reflections Schedule and Theme

2017-2018 Reflections Theme:  "Within Reach"

PTA Reflections Schedule:

  • Opening Kick Off Assembly(s):  October 12
  • Entries DUE:  November 9
  • Judging of Entries:  November 13-16
  • Closing Awards Assembly:  November 17 @ 2:30pm (AM Kinder students invited)
  • Due to Council:  November 20

The Student Entry Form and Artist Statement Form are now on the same form!  You asked, and we listened!  You now only need to print off one piece of paper.  Both sections still need to be completed.  If you need more space to complete the "Artist Statement", please use another piece of paper and attach it to the orginal form. 

Please NOTE:  The Student Entry Form MUST have handwritten signatures on it ... typed name(s) does not give consent.  Students may submit multiple entries - only one (1) entry per arts category

Time for Box Tops at Spanish Oaks


It is time for our first round of Box Tops!  We are collecting October 16, 17 and 18!  We would love parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc., to clip, collect, and send them with your child to school.  Each classroom has a special Box Top container.  You can find Box Tops on lots of packages ... everything from cereal boxes to tissue boxes.  Each Box Top clipped is worth 10 cents for our school ... which adds up quickly when we all turn them in.  Thank you for your support!

Third Grade Scientists

Mrs. Dimmick

Mrs. Dimmick's class has been learning about scientists and they scientific process. They learned that sometimes scientists make models. They also learned about an artist who builds sculptures of everyday things, but bigger. Then each student made their own papermache dragonfly.

Spanish Oaks Jog A Thon Trailer

Please enjoy the below trailer for our upcoming Jog-A-Thon ... 

If you would like to help donate to this amazing event, you can go to the following link:…/…

Our first annual Spanish Oaks Jog-A-Thon will be Friday, October 13, 2017!  Students  received an envelope with a donation form today.  They can collect pledges for how many laps they run, or as a flat rate donation.  Our goal is for every student to raise $10, which will help us meet our goal of $5,000 for our school!  Parents are invited to come cheer for their children during their assigned Jog-a-Thon time. 

All donations are welcome ... funds raised will go to technology, reading books, science and math materials, etc.  Thank you for supporting our school!   

Spanish Oaks First Excellent Explorer Award Winners

Do you know of a student at Spanish Oaks who really "gets it" when it comes to exceptional behavior?  We do!!  We chose five students who were nominated by a faculty member or peer for going the extra mile ... we would like to recognize them for having a positive impact on our school.  They are students that have made a special effort by performing the remarkable behavior(s) of:  Being Kind ...Showing Respect ... Working Hard.  

Our faculty and student body cheered them on this morning as they "lapped" the school.  They also had a great time being treated like the Heroes they are at a special luncheon with Mrs. Brown.  Our Excellent Explorer Award winners are:  Jack Elmore (4th), "who works very hard and is nice and has been taking initiative and being optimistic."  Brisa Lopez (1st), who "exemplifies kindness, respect and a hard work ethic.  She is friendly and helpgul towards her classmates and shows respect every day."  Colton Johnson (6th), "is always kind and helpful to others.  He is the most respectful student and is constantly doing his best work."  Charly Finlinson (K), "is a great example to their class.  She is a great helper, she is kind to others, and shows great respect to her friends in the classroom."  Henry Massimini (4th), "has been an exceptional fourth grader at school by showing hard work and setting a great example to others around him."  

We hope to have many more Excellent Explorer Award winners throughout the year!  Congratulations, students!

Johnny Appleseed Day

Lindsay Robison

Happy 243rd birthday Johnny Appleseed!  Miss Robison's first-grade class had a fun day today!  We started the day by making panhandle hats.  We did many curricular activities involving apples including graphing the color of apple the students brought to school and sequencing the story of Johnny Appleseed.  To end the day we got to watch the movie "Johnny Appleseed" while eating our homemade applesauce!