School News

Nebo Elementary Keyboarding Competition

"Some really great keyboarding took place on April 17, 2019 during Nebo School District’s Fourth Annual Elementary Keyboarding Competition!  The highest score was 110 words per minute with 4 errors.  That timing took place in the second round.  Below is a list of the fourth and fifth grade students who received awards at the end of the competition ..."  Way to represent, Allison and Tanner!  Congratulations to ALL of our Spanish Oaks students for excelling at Keyboarding this year; and a HUGE "shout out" to our awesome teacher, Lorraine Tuttle!

Fourth Grade Winners:  2nd place - Tanner Christiansen, Spanish Oaks
Fifth Grade Winners:  6th place- Allison Christiansen, Spanish Oaks



Lunch Worker of the Week at Spanish Oaks

Mrs. Slaymaker

Ashlyn Hymas was the only table washer this week and did a great job with keeping the tables clean. Thank you, Ashlyn! 

Mrs. Slaymaker and her team of amazing Lunch Ladies are watching carefully the actions of our lunch workers throughout the week.  On Friday of every week, they will select one (1) individual who has met all the below criteria: 

  • Listen and follow instructions given by our Lunch Ladies, Ms. Karen and Mr. Billie.
  • When you are serving the food, please do not call out to teachers, friends or siblings.
  • When cleaning tables:

           a.  Clean the trash off tables and then wipe the tables. 
           b.  Do not whip your dirty rag on the table, twirl it in the air, or touch anyone with your rag. 
           c.  Wipe the benches when there is a spill.

  • You are finished when you are excused by Mr. Billie or Ms. Karen.

We are SUPER excited to recognize (and reward!) individuals who are choosing to ... Be Kind, Show Respect and Work Hard in our lunchroom! 



Spanish Oaks STEM Science Award Winners

Let's send a big congratulations to the following Spanish Oaks students for their participation in the STEM Science Fair:

  • Kael Anderson and Cohen Smith - 2nd place in the STEM Science Competition  
  • Paige Johnson - 3rd place in Chemistry
  • Madisan Brittain - 1st place in Engineering.  Madisan was in the top 10% and recieved an invitation to compete in Broadcom Masters.

We are proud of all of you ... way to represent!

2019 Governor's Summer Reading Program


We are please to announce the 2019 Governor's Summer Reading Program, we are again partnering with KSL Read Today, The Utah State Library Division, and the Salt Lake Bees. 

This year we are distributing "postcards" only electronically.  Registration begins on May 15th. 

For more information about this partnership and how to sign up for the Summer Reading Program, visit and click on SUMMER READING.