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"Aim High" 2018-2019 Award Winners

We have started a new tradition at Spanish Oaks.  It is called the "Aim High" Award, and is an award for one child per class that has been chosen by the student's teacher.  It can be for any area of great improvement by a student who has worked exceptionally hard at a goal throughout the year.  They were given a spaceship cookie and the write-up from their teacher.  They also got to spend some time with Mrs. Brown playing games.  We are so proud of each of these students and know it is an award well deserved.  The following students were our recipients this year.  Congratulations!

Keaton Mills has worked hard this year on making new friends and contributing in class.  He has stepped out of his comfort zone and has done a great job.

Macee Griffiths always brought a positive attitude to class and has  grown so much this year, especially in math. 

Gavin Branch is a fantastic kid!  This year he has excelled with contributing in class discussions.  We are proud of him!

Zak Fisher has grown by leaps and bounds this year.  I am most excited about his progress with his self-esteem and behavior.  I am so proud of him!

Stana Heap has shown that she has the ability to "Aim High" this year.  She has been working so hard on trying new things that seem too hard and she has accomplished so much!  She is a brave girl!

Kingston Grunig worked so hard to "Aim High" this year and master all the letters and sounds of the whole alphabet.  YEAH!  Kingston always has a smile on his face and a great attitude.

Sorelle Olsen has worked hard each day this year to improve her skills.  Way to Aim High, Sorelle!

Megan Devlin is a notably hard worker.  In every task assigned, she works to give her very best.  Megan is a great example.

Mason Pack has put forth a positive effort at school and it has made a big difference!

Johanna Nordgren has worked hard at becoming a super friend.  We are proud of her accomplishments.

Jaxon Larsen has worked so hard in class during phonics and it shows in his reading!  I am so lucky I got to be his teacher!

Kael Anderson has grown so much this year. He shows great determination in math and in reading. He truly aimed high as he worked hard to complete the Golden Explorer.

Kara Whetten has worked hard this year to overcome challenges by setting and making many goals.  She has excelled academically in all areas.  She is a strong leader.  I adore Kara and I am very proud of her!!

Kellen Mills is a hard working student that has really improved in reading and math this year.  He regularly does his best work, gets it turned in on time and is willing to ask questions to get extra help.

Finn Kump has done a great job learning to calm his nerves and handle any situation.  He has a great attitude and he seems to be much happier.  I am very proud of Finn.  He is such an excellent student and young man.

Hunter Marshall has worked so hard this year and has shown so much academic growth.  He perseveres even when tasks are difficult and never gives up.

Cody Brooks is the perfect example of a student who has "aimed high" this year.  He has shown an amazing amount of growth.  Cody is dedicated to his learning.  He helps others to "aim high" as well.  I am blessed to have been his teacher.

Carsten Good is showing initiative in his work and is taking part in our classroom discussions even if there is a chance that he may answer incorrectly.  I am proud of him!

Ryder Williams is such a hardworking student.  Since the beginning of the year he has been setting goals for himself in his reading, math and writing. He is a wonderful young boy and I am so proud of all that he has accomplished this year.


Reading Celebration at Spanish Oaks

Each of our students had a great day yesterday eating pizza and creamies, and getting wet!  Thanks to every student who helped us reach our reading minutes goal of 1,750,000+.  That is a lot of fun adventures we were able to go on this year through books!  A special thank you to our Aubrey Smith and our PTA mother helpers for helping to organize and run the relay activity, to Mr. Billie for keeping the sprinklers on for us and to Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Dewsnup and Mrs. Ivie for being our awesome pizza deliverers!

Spanish Oaks in the NEWS


"Fiesta Days Rodeo highlights importance of reading in Spanish Fork schools ...

Students at Spanish Oaks Elementary School were greeted Monday afternoon by a delegation of blue shirts, blue jeans, black cowboy hats, big belt buckles and a 'howdy.'”  Keep reading below ...