School News

Earthquake Drill

Yesterday we had a successful school earthquake drill.  Each teacher reviewed with their class what to do in case of a real earthquake and then got to practice what it should look like.

Classroom: get under a desk and make sure your whole body is covered as much as possible. Hold onto the desk or table if possible. DO NOT stand in doorways the doors can pinch your fingers or swing and hit you. Stand in a corner of two stable walls. Do not stand by filing cabinets or anything that is unstable and could fall on you.

School: Find a place where things will not fall on you (pictures, basketball hoops, tv, etc..) find a place that is safe between two walls if possible. Stay away from windows.

Outside: Stand in the field, not near power lines, basketball hoops, or on the play equipment. 

Way to go Spanish Oaks for practicing school safety!  



The Great Shake Out at Spanish Oaks

In April each year the State of Utah schedules a state wide earthquake drill.  The purpose for this event is to encourage schools to become better prepared for a major earthquake.  Nebo School District teaches the Drop, Cover and Hold-On (DCH) instruction recommenced by the USOE and state emergency managers. 

Our Spanish Oaks Elementary drill was a huge success.  We did find that getting under cover was easy; it was getting back out that was tricky, especially for the adults :)

Fossil Visitor


The fourth grade had an exciting visit from Pat Hogle, who owns a quarry. Students got to touch and see real fossils as he explained what a paleontologist does. In this photo Kaden and Adalee are working together to split rock and find a fossil!


New Chromebooks in Second Grade


Our second graders at Spanish Oaks were surprised today with brand new chrome books!   They did a digital citizenship training yesterday and got to try them for MyOn today!  They love them!  Thank you!!!

District Keyboard Champions

Both of these students were first place winners from Spanish Oaks Elementary at the District Keyboarding Competition held at Spanish Fork High School on Wednesday, April 18, 2018 ... Eli Asay (5th) typing 109 WPM and Alli Christiansen (4th) typing 88 WPM.  Congratulations, and well done!!

Ashley Christiansen explained her experience at the Keyboarding Competition.  "It was so exciting for both of the Spanish Oaks Elementary kids to win the Keyboarding Championship last night. I was so appreciate of Alli's teacher being there up until the very end (it was a long night) and also Lorraine is such a fantastic keyboarding teacher.  Allison won the 4th grade typing 88 WPM and Eli won the 5th grade typing 109 WPM, it was pretty amazing because there were 29 schools there representing and I think they said 400 kids there at the championships! I was pretty surprised they both won $100 which was fun. I was so appreciative of Lorraine she was such a solid solid keyboarding teacher."