School News

"Jump" Into Reading Assembly

We had a "Jump" into reading assembly to get students excited about reading this school year.  The Just Jumpin' Jump Rope Team came to perform for our school.  The students were going wild with excitement because they were amazed at the tricks this team could do with jump ropes!  The team got students to double dutch jump rope that had never even done it before.  They even got some of Spanish Oaks' very own teachers, i.e., Mrs. Heaton, Miss Pullan, Mr. Rigby, Mr. Crockett, as well as Mrs. Brown to jump rope!  It was such a fun assembly ...  Let's do some READING and reach our goal of 1,750,000 minutes this year!!!

MMHS Football

Kimberly Mellor

Miss Mellor's PM Kindergarten students were so lucky today and enjoyed meeting some MMHS football players.   Tyler, Peyton, and Thaddius read books to the students and talked to them about how important it is to listen in class and get good grades so they could play sports when they went to HS. Thanks MMHS football players.  



Kindergarten Visitors

Kimberly Mellor

Kindergarten students had two special visitors today.  Miss Christie, and Miss Jamie, these friends came to tell us all about their jobs as 911 dispatch operators.  We learned the 3 important times when we should call the 911 emergency number

1- Stop a Crime                                                                                                                                             2- Report a Fire                                                                                                                                             3- Save a Life                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              We also learned how we can help by being safe and making good choices each and every day.  

Happy Birthday, Travis!

Kali Brown

Happy birthday to our very own, Travis Johnson!  Staff and faculty surprised one of our favorite sweepers with a birthday celebration song and cake… Thank you for making us great, Travis… Happy birthday!

September 2017 Nebo PEAK Award Winner Sherri Peterson


“Without Sherri, our school would flounder.  Her official ‘title’ is that of facilitator.  ‘The facilitator's job is to support EVERYONE to do their best thinking and practice ... to encourage full participation, promote mutual understanding and cultivate shared responsibility.’  Notice the verb(s):  help, support, encourage, cultivate, share, etc.  Sherri is the ‘action word’ behind everything we accomplish at Spanish Oaks.  She gives of her time, talents, and resources freely, and we are all better for having known her.”  Congratulations, Mrs. Peterson ... we LOVE you!

BE SAFE On Your Way to AND From School

Please help us keep all our students safe ...

"Parents, please remind your children to BE SAFE while on their way to and from school.  This morning I saw four kids crash on their scooters, and several others cross without the crosswalk, or enter the crosswalk without even stopping to check for cars or wait for me to get into the crosswalk first.  Most of these incidents appear to happen because the kids are "racing" their friends or siblings.  Please remind them to slow down and be safe; cars are not always paying attention.  I saw a car turn right in front of a student this morning, and it was scary!  Also, if you are driving in the area before or after school ... please be cautious.  Thank you!"  - Spanish Fork City Crossing Guard, Aubrey Smith