Spanish Oaks Most Valuable Player: Jenna Reid

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Our adorable 2nd grade teacher, Jenna Reid, is in her third year of teaching and second year at Spanish Oaks Elementary.  She loves being a teacher, and is looking forward to becoming a mom, as her first child, a baby girl is due this April.  Her own mother is what inspired Jenna to teach; growing up, watching the dedication and hard work it took to be a teacher.  More importantly, Mrs. Reid saw the fulfillment and joy her mother had by simply enriching the lives of others.

Article by: Misty Bard, PTA

Spanish Oaks Science Fair Winners

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A huge thank you to all the students who turned in projects for this year's science fair.  They were fabulous!  The following students were chosen to have their projects continue on to the next level:  Blake Otterstrom, Asher Kelly, Aaron Everts, Jace Leber, Deacon Hansbrow, Danny Chavez, Cesia Swain and Oliver Davis.  Congratulations to each of you, and best of luck on the next round!

Box Tops Earn Money for Spanish Oaks

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The race is on!  Which class has collected the most box-tops this year?   We will see ...  The race for the 2014-2015 school year will end on February 20, 2015, so please collect as many box-tops as you can and turn them into your teacher.  The winning class will receive a pizza celebration!  Funds received from box tops help buy school supplies for our school.  Thank you so much for your continued support.  Keep collecting and bringing in your Box-Tops and ... Good Luck!