Spanish Oaks Tries Out Their New Safety Clipboards

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Spanish Oaks has a super, on-the-ball Safety Protocol Leader, Miss Lybbert!  She has been busy getting our school whipped into shape, which we so appreciate!  Each teacher has a new clipboard that has protocol for each type of drill that is practiced throughout the school year.  It also has a class roster and red, yellow and green cards to be used to let our administration know if they are okay or in need of assistance.  Our first fire drill using the cards was slick!  A special thanks to Miss Lybbert!

Hogwarts Sorting in Fourth Grade at Spanish Oaks

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The fourth grade students are officially witches and wizards after being sorted into their very own Hogwarts houses to start off the new year.  Students will work together as teams over the next term to earn house points, win Quidditch matches and most importantly ... do a lot of reading!  The students have looked forward to this for the whole year and are so excited to finally be in Hogwarts.  What a great way to celebrate reading!

Happy New Year from Spanish Oaks

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Happy New Year from Spanish Oaks Elementary!  We hope you had a wonderful holiday break full of family, friends, food and fun.  School resumes Monday, January 5, 2015 ...  We will see you bright and early, ready to start the new year out with a bang!  Welcome back, bucket fillers!

Project Teddy Bear at Spanish Oaks

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My Experience with Project Teddy Bear

By: Elena Cotton-Betteridge

"My experience with project teddy bear was a good one.  We went around to every class in the school collecting stuffed animals.  Then we would put them in a plastic bag.  We did this for a week and a half.  I knew we were doing something good, especially when I heard we collected over 500 teddy bears!"

Christmas Around the World in Fourth Grade at Spanish Oaks

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Mrs. Rosenvall's fourth grade class worked hard this month researching, organizing and writing up presentations on a country of their choice and how they celebrate Christmas.  They also created their own displays to share with their parents and the student body.  They did an excellent job presenting their information.  Nice job fourth grade!