Spirit Ribbon Week at Spanish Oaks

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The week of October 6-10 we will be filling buckets by participating in Spirit Ribbon Week at Spanish Oaks!

Monday – white ribbon day (media and internet safety)
Wear WHITE:   mismatched clothes day

Tuesday – yellow ribbon day (turn off the T.V.)
Wear YELLOW:   backwards clothes day

Wednesday – green ribbon day (safe school - walk to school)
Wear GREEN:  crazy sock day

Thursday – red ribbon day (say “NO” to drugs)
Wear RED:  awesome hat day

First Grade Johnny Appleseed Day at Spanish Oaks

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Here's a riddle for you?  What is red, has a chimney, no doors, no windows, and has a star in the middle?  (an apple)  The first grade students in Mrs. Phelps' class had a wonderful time celebrating Johnny Appleseed Day last Friday.  We learned a lot about apples, did "apple math," apple sequencing, apple rhymes, and even made our own applesauce.  It was a delicious day to be in first grade!

Labeling in Kindergarten at Spanish Oaks

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The Kindergarten students at Spanish Oaks learned about labeling today.  Working together as a class they helped to label the different body parts of some of our students.   We labeled things like:  arms, legs, ears, eyes, feet, etc.  We learned that a label gives readers information about a picture or object, and that labeling is a beginning step to writing.  Great work, Kindergarten!

Outstanding Orchestra Students at Spanish Oaks

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We have another outstanding group of students in this year's orchestra at Spanish Oaks.  "They are attentive and respectful, and they also know how to make some noise," says Mr. Hansen, our marvelous director.    "We are currently learning how to hold the instrument and bow properly, as well as how to place the fingers of the left hand properly on the string to create other notes than the open strings."  It sounds like it is going to be a great year!

Kindergarten Firefighter Visit at Spanish Oaks

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Today our Kindergarten students had a visit from one of our local firefighters, Mr. Matt Taylor.   We loved learning about his job and what he does as a firefighter in our community.  We also learned what we could do as Kindergarten students to help him with his job.  We can have an escape plan with our families in case of a fire and practice what to do with them.   We even dressed up Mrs. Robinson in a fireman's suit to show that firemen are not scary.   Then we got to go outside and sit in the cool firetruck.  Thank you, Mr. Taylor!  

Amazing Bucket Fillers

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We had another great group of students filling others' buckets this past week!  Spanish Oaks is full of students that are working hard to help their classmates and peers feel good and have a great time here at school.  We love to see the great things going on.  Congratulations this week's Bucket Fillers!