Fourth Grade Utah History Program

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Our fourth grade students taught us all about Utah and our history today in a program put on for their peers.  There were songs, dances and speaking, and they did a fabulous job!  Thanks to the fourth grade teachers for their hard work in preparing the students for the program1

5th Grade Freedom Walk

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5th grade attended the Freedom Walk of Honor. Students were able to hear stories from veterans who oresented and learn about military service. The weather was perfect. 

"I liked watching the military rights with the gun salute." Vera


"I really enjoyed the stories that were told, especially the stories about the jets and serving in the Air Force" Max


"I liked learning what the flag represents." Oaklee


"I loved learning about the Air Force." James


5th Grade

Rodeo Reading Challenge Winners from Spanish Oaks

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Congratulations to the following students for winning the Rodeo Reading challenge:  Maddox Sorenson, Ella Palmer, Kayson Davis, Naomi Christensen, Hudson Glenn and Peyton Millard.  They each received 2 tickets to the rodeo.   The grand prize winners are Kayson and Peyton, who will also receive boots, hat and jeans from Reams.