November 2014

Mrs. Dimmick's Class Presents Reader's Theater at Spanish Oaks

Today we shared our Reader's Theaters with the rest of the 3rd grade and our kindergarten buddies.  We shared stories about the first Thanksgiving, how Thanksgiving became a national holiday, and how some turkeys escaped being thanksgiving dinner.  Great job, third graders!

Spanish Oaks Preschool Grandparents Day

Miss Carrie's preschool classes this week spent a fun day with their grandparents decorating cupcakes, taking pictures and making picture frames with their special guests.  The preschoolers had also created little booklets about their grandparents that shared why they loved them.  We even got a photo of our very own Mrs. Carter with her grandson, Mason, and Mrs. Taylor's daughter, Ellie, with her grandparents.  We love you, grandma and grandpa!

Colonial Day in the Fifth Grade at Spanish Oaks


The fifth grade classes spent the day being pilgrims in every way possible.  Clothes, activities, supplies used, speech, names, etc.  I was even asked what I was doing and what I was using when I went in to take pictures.  They were really in character!  What a great way to learn American history and apply that knowledge!

492,312 Minutes Read at Spanish Oaks

A happy book winner
Bike winner Quinn Burtenshaw
Bike winner Emily Jex
Mr. Bradford gives it a try
Students choosing a book to take home
Some of our UVU guests

We are well on our way to our reading goal this year with 492,312 minutes already read!  Our PTA organized our Road To Success assembly this week, where a group of UVU golfers and soccer players came to share in our success and engage our students and teachers in some soccer drills and putting practice.  Loads of books, posters, pencils, t-shirts and 2 bikes were given away in drawings from our Road To Success bucket, where each student enters tickets earned by reading at home.  Congratulations to our bike winners, Emily Jex from Mrs. Aagards first grade class, and Quinn Burtenshaw from Mr. Bradford's fourth grade class!  A special thanks to Mrs. Gunderson for her hard work in making our assembly fun!

Superheroes In Mrs. Phelps' First Grade Class

Mrs. Phelps' class had a POWerful day learning all about digraphs.  They learned that digraphs are one new sound represented by two letters, such as:  sh, th, ch, wh, and ph.  They used cool superhero glasses to find hidden digraphs all around the classroom.  It was amazing how quiet and hardworking these superheroes were.  The class concluded that the best digraph is ... "PH."  Can you guess why? 

Third Grade Dictionaries from Nebo Credit Union


The third grade students at Spanish Oaks received a special surprise gift from Nebo Credit Union today when ... brand new dictionaries were donated to our entire third grade!   Mary Anne Eyers presented the gifts to the very excited students, who were anxious to put them to good use.  Thank you, Nebo Credit Union, for your support of our learning!