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April 2018

3rd Grade Track Meet

Submitted by lindsay.robison on Mon, 04/30/2018 - 10:07
Heidi Dimmick

Our third graders were working hard this week while they competed at the Spanish Fork Track Meet.  Students chose to participate in the 400 m, 200 m, 100 m,  or 50 m races as well as the softball throw or long jump. 

PTA Carnival Basket Auction

Submitted by lindsay.robison on Wed, 04/25/2018 - 08:44

It's that time again!!  Every year at our PTA Carnival we have a basket auction, and every year it just gets bigger and better ... with your help of course!

Did you get your little slip from your child letting you know what items their teacher is collecting for the Basket Auction??  We would love if you'd take a minute or two to see what you have to offer!  If you have something worth donating that is not under the class theme, that's ok ... we'd still love it and will make great use if it!

Spanish Oaks PTA


Earthquake Drill

Submitted by lindsay.robison on Sat, 04/21/2018 - 16:03

Yesterday we had a successful school earthquake drill.  Each teacher reviewed with their class what to do in case of a real earthquake and then got to practice what it should look like.

Classroom: get under a desk and make sure your whole body is covered as much as possible. Hold onto the desk or table if possible. DO NOT stand in doorways the doors can pinch your fingers or swing and hit you. Stand in a corner of two stable walls. Do not stand by filing cabinets or anything that is unstable and could fall on you.

School: Find a place where things will not fall on you (pictures, basketball hoops, tv, etc..) find a place that is safe between two walls if possible. Stay away from windows.

Outside: Stand in the field, not near power lines, basketball hoops, or on the play equipment. 

Way to go Spanish Oaks for practicing school safety!  




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