October 2019

Bus Lane Safety Help

Parents, thank you for your help in reminding students to not walk across the bus lane.  We want everyone to be safe and when students use the bus lane to cross instead of the crosswalk, it is unsafe.  Thank you for talking with your children about not walking in the middle of the bus lane or in front of the bus, and to always use the cross walk.  This is mainly happening after school, and we are grateful for your help to keep our students safe!


Big Umbrellas for the Week

Who are some of the members of a family, e.g., mom, dad, brother, sister, grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, etc.  Who are some of the members of our SCHOOL family, e.g., teachers, specialists, students, secretaries, lunch ladies, custodians, etc.  At Spanish Oaks this year we are working hard to take care of our school family!  We are making room for everyone ... we are looking out for each other ... we are taking care of our family by being KIND, showing RESPECT and working HARD.  What does “together” mean?  It means with each other, and together we are better!  This year at Spanish Oaks, our theme and focus is:  Welcome to OUR Family … there’s Room for ALL! 

Mrs. Baldwin Receives Nebo Foundation Grant

Spanish Oaks Elementary - Mariska Baldwin
Mariska Baldwin, educator at Spanish Oaks Elementary, said, “Thank you so much for the generous donation to my Accommodated Core Classroom library! My special needs class is brand new, and I currently only have some books that other teachers no longer wanted. My students have disabilities that prevent them from reading at grade level, so they need "high/low" books that are written simply but can hold the interest of older students. Your generous donation makes it possible to purchase these books. I cannot thank you enough!”



Nebo Foundation Grant to Mrs. Winkler

Spanish Oaks Elementary - Teresa Winkler
“The biofeedback device helps students track their breathing and begin to regulate their emotions. This is empowering for students because they recognize that they do have control over their emotions at a time when they feel like their emotions are controlling them.  Without the biofeedback, I wouldn’t have immediate information that the student was beginning to stress again. This biofeedback device is a powerful tool to not only empower students, but to help me know how they are really doing during a time of stress. It keeps us on track and therefore, gets the student regulated more quickly and back to class sooner,” said Teresa Winkler, counselor at Spanish Oaks Elementary.



Excellent Explorer Award Winners at Spanish Oaks

It is time for our first Excellent Explorer Celebration, and we have some super winners!!  These students are ones that were nominated by someone in the school, and then anonymously chosen by our student council.  They are students that can be looked up to as role models for all of us here at Spanish Oaks.  Our Excellent Explorers are:

Rylan Smith, nominated by Mrs. Dimmick.  “Rylan is a great example to the students around him.  He is always working hard and making good choices. He is respectful of not only his teachers, but of the other students in the class.  He looks for opportunities to help others.  I am lucky to be his teacher.

Colton Preston, nominated by Mrs. Taylor.  “Colton is awesome!  He is a great example to those around him.  He works hard and tries his best.  He is the kid that you can always count on to be a great leader, to be doing what he should even if his friends are not, and to be kind to everyone.

Madilyn Jackman, nominated by Miss McKendrick.  Madilyn has shown exceptional behavior by the way she never stops learning.  She doesn’t give up when she doesn’t understand a hard question.  She goes the extra mile to make sure she understands a problem by asking others, checking it herself, and then doing more of the same type of work to improve her skill-sets.  She seems to always be happy and I’ve never heard her say anything negative. 

Ivy Diehl, nominated by Miss Mellor.  Ivy is an amazing Kindergarten student who is showing her respect to her teacher and friends in class each day.  We have been learning about what a great listener should look like and act like as someone is teaching and Ivy has it down perfect.  She is very attentive and respectful to anyone who is talking and she reminds her friends not to talk to her when she is trying to learn.  She is not afraid to try hard things!  I am so proud of her and I am so happy she is in my class!

Ethan Donegan, nominated by Mrs. Liddle.  Ethan is a star student.  He is such a great example to the rest of the class of what a good friend and good student is like.  He is a friend to everyone.  He is a great helper in class and checks off students’ morning work because he finishes his own work so quickly.  He is respectful of me as the teacher, as well as his classmates.  He exhibits exceptional behavior.

Alema Lavaki, nominated by Mrs. Stewart.  Alema is always looking for ways to help others.  He embodies each and every aspect of being an Excellent Explorer.  He is always one of the first people in class and out on the playground to see someone in need and be there to help.  He is a good friend and is so kind and respectful, no matter the situation.  He is such a positive young man and looks at any challenge he is given with a good attitude.  He is a wonderful example and a joy to have in my class.

Congratulations to all of you!

PTA SafeRoutes Utah Assembly

Holly Moss

Today the PTA sponsored an assembly by SafeRoutes Utah for grades K-4 to educate about safety when walking or riding to school.  Today or tomorrow your K-4 grader will come home with some hand outs.  Ask them what they learned at the assembly and remind them about walking safely in crosswalks and on sidewalks and with safety gear so they can “Beat the Street”.

Also, check out UDOT’s Walk & Roll challenge program for rewarding kids who do walk/ride to school frequently!  They can be entered every month to win a bike or scooter just by entering their miles!