DARE Graduation at Spanish Oaks

Our fifth grade students participated in their DARE Graduation today with Officer Peterson.  We had a great turn out of parents their to support their students.  We enjoyed hearing excerpts of several students essays, and enjoyed the message of the program.  The following comments come from a fifth grade parent who was impressed with and appreciative of the program and the Officer that did such a great job:"I wanted to say thank you so much for making the Dare program so special. My daughter came home several times and talked to me seriously about drugs, the decisions we make and how she has made a commitment to never take drugs. She had such a fun time and told me a lot of funny stories that you shared and also more serious things. She talked to me about the goggles, the dogs and several other things that you shared with them. I appreciate you doing this and the difference that you made in her life and to the other kids at the school.  I am grateful for programs like this that really show them how to make good choices."  Thanks again, Officer Peterson and the fifth grade teachers!