Excellent Explorer Award Winners at Spanish Oaks

Each time we do this, it amazes me the quality of students that are chosen by their peers and/or teachers.  Each one is an amazing all around person who contributes so much to our school.  Our Excellent Explorers are as follows:  "Mason Robinson-Mason is always on task and is consistently tring his best.  He has a positive attitude about learning.  He is kind and respectful to everyone around him."  Ella O'Gwin-" Ella is a volunteer that helps us get Kindergarten students to the leveled library.  She is an excellent example to the students.  She is kind, sweet and loving, yet has high expectations for the students she is in charge of.  I appreciate her donating her time to help our students each and everyday."  Kesley Johnson-"Kesley is a also a student volunteer who helps take our Kindergarten students to the leveled library.  She is such a great help!  She is loving and the students just love her!  Each day she volunteers her time to help out, and each day she does it with a smile.  She is very dependable, and is such an amazing young lady that I appreciate so much."  Madison Johnson-"Madi is such an amazing helper and I rely on her every day.  She is kind, sweet, dependable and the kids love her!!  She has great management of the kindergarten students she helps, and they are always eager to follow her directions.  She is an amazing young lady!" Emry Barbakos-"Emry is on always on task, shows respect and make good choices.  She is helpful to both her teacher and her fellow peers.  She is an amazing student!"  Jessie Tiapson-(from teacher)"Jessie not only works exceptionally hard at her own work, but I catch her daily helping others understand their work.  She is an incredible student and mini-teacher.  She also never shouts out, listens, and she has a great sense of humor. (from peers) She is always willing to help and be a good friend by playing with us.  She never brags.  Jessie is smart.  She never hesitates to help others.  She is always trying to obey the rules."

Congratulations, students!!  We love you!