Excellent Explorer Award Winners at Spanish Oaks


These students really get it done when it comes to exceptional behavior!  We want to recognize them for having a positive impact on our school.  Our last group of Excellent Explorers for this year are Cooper Johnson, Ezra Christensen, Brynlee Dyches, Heather Laing and Gracie Beck.  They were nominated by fellow peers or teachers for the following reasons: Heather Laing-Heather is one of the most optimistic students I have ever seen.  She works hard and never complains.  When she struggles with a concept she has a growth mindset and asks for help.  She is always willing to try and try again.  She befriends students that are lonely and is friends with everyone.  Brynlee Dyches-Brynlee Dyches is so sweet and nice to everyone.  She always goes up to people and gives them a hug and makes them so happy.  She is also a hard worker and she never gives up.  She inspires lots of people.  Brynlee is nice, kind, sweet, giving, responsible, caring, honest and very polite.  She is such an amazing and talented girl.  Ezra Christensen-Ezra is an exceptional student.  He is always doing his best.  He is always listening to instructions and following directions the first time they are given.  He is a great friend to everyone in class.  He is kind, responsible and always happy.  Cooper Johnson-He works very hard and tries to be a good friend to everyone.  He is respectful and always has a good attitude.  His class has had a long term sub recently, and he helps out and loves her.  He is so kind and plays with everyone.  He follows rules and is always on his best behavior.  Gracie Beck-Gracie is new to Spanish Oaks so she has made sure other new students feel welcome.  I had a mom tell me how much she appreciated Gracie helping her daughter feel welcome when she moved here.  She’s always happy and loves to learn.  Make sure to tell these student congratulations when you see them!!