Imagine Learning Service Project at Spanish Oaks

 A HUGE "shout out" and thank you to our awesome friends at Imagine Learning!  We received this wonderful request from Jamie Wagstaff and Amanda Horton, Events Specialist(s), in the spring:

"Imagine Learning is seeking nearby schools to host a service project for some of our many passionate employees.  We would love to serve your school in any way you need!"  The following friends joined us on July 9, 2019 to help assemble our new leveled literacy kits to support student reading at Spanish Oaks!  They donated over 3 hours of their summer time and we were able to get SO much done with their help.  Another expression of appreciation goes out to our amazing Literacy Coach, Thresa Nelson, for organizing and overseeing this outstanding service opportunity.  

Thank you for your service ... Jamie Wagstaff, Amanda Horton, Toni Powers, Lynda Alejos, Randy Tingey, Adam Chrisiansen, Alegra Goulbourne, Brady Curtis, Diedre Douglas, and our own Thresa Nelson!  We appreciate you all and what you do for our school!