New Technology at Spanish Oaks

We are so grateful for your support of our school fund raiser last week ... We wanted to share some of the amazing things happening as a result of your generosity during last year's Jog-a-Thon!  Our combined efforts over the past few years have resulted in one-to-one technology at our school.  Thank you for your continued support of our learning!

Our 4th graders love being able to each have their own Chromebook to create presentations, show their strategies during math, create adobe spark reports, work on ALEKs, and have time to type and edit writing assignments.  Pictures show students using Pear Deck to explain their multiplication strategies.

First grade is so grateful for all our iPads.  Students read on the iPads with hundreds of books to choose from and they can also play math and language arts games.

Students in second grade have been using their iPads to capture pictures and videos of the work that they create during math time.  This allows them to save their work so that they can easily share it with the class and their teacher at any time!  Second graders have also enjoyed using their new Chromebooks!  This week, some of the second graders were able to write stories and then type their final draft up on the computer! 

Pictured are our Sixth grade students using chromebooks to type their writing.  Some students are even using voice to text!

In third grade our chrome books have been a fantastic resource in our guided reading lessons.  We have also been able to do more with our writing assignments, and the students have had access to Imagine Fast Facts and Imagine Math to practice fast facts and concepts they have been learning in class.  

We love our new chrome books in 5th Grade because they allow us to do research and learn new information!