School Food Drive at Spanish Oaks

Our annual Holiday Food Drive will run from January 17 – January 27, 2017.  Thanks to your generous donations, for the last few years we have collected thousands of items!!  All donations to Tabitha's Way will stay here locally to help stop hunger.  This year our goal is to EXCEED last year's goal!!  All donations stay here locally ...  Thank you so much for your support! 

Tabitha’s Way Food Pantry has been a part of the Nebo School District for the past 5 years providing food and supplies for families in need.  This year they plan on feeding 5,000 families.  They are able to accomplish this amazing task because of the donations they receive from food drives.  “Together we can stop hunger and meet the needs of our struggling student families!”

The food items of most need are:

Canned Meats
Canned Fruits Cereal
Canned Tomatoes
Canned Veggies Soups
Starches: dried noodles, dried potatoes, packaged stuffing