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Science Fair 4th-6th Grades

Submitted by jenn.moxon on Mon, 02/03/2014 - 10:08

This past Friday we had over a hundred 4th-6th graders participate in our science fair!  How exciting to experiment with science!  Everything from ice to light, plants to soil, face and eyes, soda and batteries, and SO much more!

Some of our winners are:  Sienna Branch & Hunter Dustin, Taylar Brittain, Nolan Buck, Eli Dallon, Bridger Hall, Spencer Harward, Baylee Johnson & Nicole Kendell, Katelyn Lockwood & Leah Mendenhall, Ryan Lowe, Cosette McInelly, and Spencer & Mckay Meeks.  Congratulations and WELL DONE to all who participated!