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Tiffany Taylor Spanish Oaks Teacher of the Year

Submitted by kali.brown on Fri, 02/07/2020 - 10:00

"Mrs Tiffany Taylor is one astonishing teacher.  Almost all of my children have had her as a teacher.  She has a special way of making each child in her class feel like they are seen, heard and loved!  She takes special attention when I’ve reached out to her and expressed concerns about one of my children.  Not only does she keep an eye out for them, but she reaches out to specific individuals to help her, help them!  What a great example of how to serve and love others.  Mrs Taylor instills confidence in her students by acknowledging them in their hard work and efforts.  Not only that, Mrs Taylor is kind, happy and brings light into her classroom.  I am beyond grateful that my children have had the opportunity to be taught by her!!  She is GOLD!!"  We love you, Mrs. Taylor!!