Excellent Explorers at Spanish Oaks

Submitted by sherri.peterson on Mon, 01/10/2022 - 14:20
Excellent Explorers for Term 2
Students having lunch with Mr. Murray
Students having lunch with Mr. Murray

Our group of Excellent Explorers are a great bunch of students!  They go above and beyond to be super students and citizens here at school.  Our Excellent Explorers are as follows:

I would like to nominate Avery Robinson in 3rd Grade for the Excellent Explorer. Avery exemplifies what it means to be an EXCELLENT Explorer. She is constantly working hard and doing her best. She is a good friend and example to everyone around her. She is always ready to learn and to help others. She contributes to every lesson. Her smile and positive attitude brightens everyone's day. I think Avery is excellent in every way! -Mrs. Dyches   Avery Robinson (3rd grade) Avery is an exceptional student in so many ways. She is the student that you can always count on. You can count on her to be doing what she should, you can count on her to be noticing all of the hard work being done, you can count on her to notice the person that needs an extra friend and reach out to help them. There have been many times when I have seen Avery reach out and help kids around her. She is great at noticing who needs a kind word or a friend. She makes sure to go out of her way to make others feel special and cared about. She is kind and thoughtful to everyone. She also sets a wonderful example to everyone around her. She is one of the first ones to be ready for our activities in class. She thinks ahead and knows what is coming and gets ready. She is grateful and points out the hard work of others and is happy when others achieve success. Avery is such a wonderful girl and VERY and is the perfect example of what it means to be an Excellent Explorer. - Mrs. Taylor

Talmadge Berry, 2nd grade. They are extremely empathetic and caring. This student not only notices when classmates are feeling down, but will go out of their way to do something when they notice. They are also a positive influence in our class! Multiple times, this student has written letters to our class, asking me to read them out loud. One letter in particular encouraged us to remember that "everyone is different and everyone is special". This student has a special talent to make people feel important, and loved, and they influence our class for the better! Rachel Hatch

MaKenzie Craft Kindergarten.  MaKenzie should be recognized as an Excellent Explorer because she is an exceptional helper and friend. I have watched MaKenzie reach out to other children on the playground to see if they want to play. She includes others in the activities she is doing. I love how I can count on her to be kind to everyone. I really love how MaKenzie helps in my classroom, too. So often she is found picking up things on the floor, organizing supplies on the table, and straightening papers. She is never asked to do it, she just sees that it needs to be done and gets to it. I really appreciate that help! She also helps me out by holding the door, grabbing hand sanitizer or picking up something I might have dropped. I love that she just steps in to do it without being asked. I can also count on her to get right to her class work and to try very hard to do it correctly. I am so lucky to have MaKenzie in my class.  Mrs. Gunderso

Luigi Lamas, 1st Grade: Luigi is such a hard worker. He is always on task, helps his friends, and is a great listener. He is kind and shares with others. He is super trustworthy! He puts 100% effort into everything he does and is passionate about learning! - Mrs. Claridge

I would like to nominate Merrik Enszer as an excellent explorer. Merrik has worked really hard in class all year long. He is not someone who gives up when school is challenging but instead works extra to understand what we are learning. I know that he works hard at home to excel in school. He is very kind, fun and helpful in the classroom. I am lucky to be his teacher and really appreciate his efforts in being a good classmate and friend. - Mrs. Quinton

I would like to nominate Nash Youd in 4th Grade. Nash is an excellent explorer because he is a dedicated hard worker. Nash comes to school every day prepared and ready to learn. He always works hard and does his best to understand what we are learning. Nash is respectful, kind, and a great friend to many in our class. - Mr. Grosdidier

Thanks students!!