Excellent Explorers at Spanish Oaks

Submitted by sherri.peterson on Thu, 05/19/2022 - 10:15
Excellent Explorers for 4th Term
lunch with Mr. Murray
lunch with Mr. Murray

Our Excellent Explorers for the last term of school are a great bunch!  They are:


Stryker Jensen - 3rd Grade. Stryker is one of the hardest working students that I have met. He is self-driven to be the very best that he can be. He is always super respectful. Every teacher loves having him in their classroom because he sets a tone of respect. Stryker is one of the kindest people I have ever met. He has such a big heart and loves everyone around him. He makes sure to include others. There isn't a better student that I can think of that exemplifies being an Excellent Explorer any better.

-Mrs. Dimmick

Ryan Yee - 5th grade. Ryan is an incredible person. She is always willing to help her teachers, classmates and even others in the school. She works really hard to complete her work and to improve her learning each and every day. Ryan does not give up and likes a challenge. She has worked so hard to read so many books this year and she has improved so much from reaching that goal. Ryan is very kind and puts a smile on the faces of all those she talks to. Ryan is definitely an excellent explorer.   

-Mrs. Quinton


 Mae Chilton - 2nd grade.  Mae is the definition of an excellent explorer. Each day, she shows up ready to participate and learn. She is respectful of her classmates while they are learning, and she is always sharing ideas. I think Mae is an excellent explorer because she thinks outside of the box to find answers and to create new ideas. She is constantly looking for new ways to understand things, and is always looking for new information. Mae loves to learn and she makes learning exciting! Mae is also an excellent friend. She is kind and friendly to all of her classmates! I can trust her to work with anyone in class without a single issue. She also emulates our school mantra SMILE by showing respect, making friends, including everyone, laughing lots, and enjoying life. She is someone you can count on, and I think she is a perfect nominee for excellent explorer. Rachel Hatch.


Bradly Jex - 4th grade.   Bradly is such an enthusiastic kid. He’s kind, helpful, and an overall great friend to everyone. He helps others when they are struggling and is constantly cracking jokes to make people laugh and feel better. Bradly is a jokester but he knows when it’s time to be serious and he always does his best. When he sees others struggling, he helps them out and explains how to do it and why. He’s a deep thinker and a great student to have in class. He’s put in a lot of hard work and dedication to make substantial academic growth and has never given up.

Astrid Salveson


McKinlee Fay - 1st grade  McKinlee is such an amazing first grader. She truly loves school, loves learning, and always tries her best. She will ask questions if she doesn't understand and gets to work quickly. It is obvious that she cares about her education. McKinlee is one that our class can always count on to be the first to go help others whether it is picking up a spilled crayon box, helping teach a concept, or just being a friend. She is always respectful and kind to her teacher and other students. McKinlee is always happy and has the best smile that makes our classroom better. She is a joy to spend our school days with.

-Mrs. Phelps


 Deneyri Reyes Cruz-5th grade.  Deneyri shows exceptional behavior in the classroom. She works really hard to make sure that any class work she doesn’t get done gets finished at home. She is someone who takes care of others. She looks out for those around her and tries to set an example for her classmates of what is right. Deneyri is kind and makes those around her laugh with her fun and outgoing personality. Although she is new to the school this year she has found a place at Spanish Oaks and is making out school better each day.

-Mrs. Quinton


Congratulations, students, on a job well done!!