Excellent Explorers for Term 3 At Spanish Oaks

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Excellent Explorers
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having lunch with the principal
having lunch with the principal
having lunch with the principal

Our Excellent Explorers for term 3 are Cali Jackson, Rylee Stewart, Destiny Andrus, Kyndri Mills, Winnie Sanchez, and Oaklee Williams.  They are all amazing individuals and are great examples to our school.  Congrats, girls! 

Here are the nominations for each student:

 I would like to nominate Cali Jackson as an Excellent Explorer. Cali is an amazing student that is always trying to go above and beyond. She takes her time and always does every assignment to the very best of her ability. She gives everything that she has and tries her hardest, even if it takes extra time after school or at recess. She sets goals for herself and is always trying to learn and do better. Cali is a wonderful friend and help to everyone. She is kind to others that need a friend. She has befriended many ACC kids and not only plays with them every recess, but finds ways to make them feel included. She also is also noticing ways that she can help her teacher and others in class. She is amazing. -Mrs. Taylor

Rylee Stewart, 1st Grade. Rylee is always kind to her classmates by encouraging, complimenting, and helping them. She is respectful to those around her and is always following the rules of the classroom. She works hard every day by trying her best!  Ms. Weeter

I  would like to nominate Destiny Andrus in 4th grade. Destiny shows exceptional behavior in everything she does from her school work to her interaction with others. During class, she is always respectfully listening and putting her best effort into her work. I can always count on her to be the perfect model of exceptional class behavior. With her interaction with others, she is positive, aware, and a true friend. It is a delight to have her in class.  Mrs. Rippstein

I would like to nominate Winnie Sanchez in 2nd grade. Winnie is respectful and works hard. She is always on task and does her best work, without being asked. She contributes during class lessons and group work. She is always willing to help and is a great friend to everyone. She loves to make others smile and is always quietly doing good deeds. Winnie is a wonderful example to everyone around her. I'm lucky to get to be her teacher! -Mrs. Dyches

I would like to nominate Oaklee Williams in 5th grade. Oaklee is an excellent example of a kind student. She always looks for ways to help other students in the class. She is helpful and nice to anyone. I often see her looking out for anyone that may not have someone to work with or who could use a friend. Oaklee also seeks out ways to help me with things throughout the day. She makes our classroom a brighter place! Ms. Mattingley

 I would like to nominate Kyndri Mills in fifth grade to be an excellent explorer. Kyndri is so kind to everyone and loves to help. She is always smiling and helping others to be happy. She takes initiative and helps without being asked. She is an example of someone who works hard at school and outside of school as well. She is a leader for good and makes positive changes in the classroom. - Mrs. Quinton