Excellent Explorers for Term 4 at Spanish Oaks

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Excellent Explorers for term 4
Grace Young
Alex Rueckert
Jaymi Van Der Spek
Olivia Nielson
Grace Jensen
Kathy Cabanas
Explorers at table
Explorers at table

The following students were awarded our Excellent Explorer Award for term 4.  They are a great group of students, and we are proud of them. 

I would like to nominate Grace Jensen in 3rd grade to be an Excellent Explorer. Grace is an amazing young lady. She is a hard worker who takes challenges and faces them head on. Grace is so kind. She is mindful of classmates that might be having a hard time and she tries to include them in what she is doing. She is respectful. Every teacher that has her in their classroom talks about how she is always making the best choices. She is the kind of student that could have been nominated as an Excellent Explorer every single term this year. I feel blessed to be her teacher. -Mrs. Dimmick Grace is a wonderful student. She always comes to school prepared and ready to learn. She is kind to others and goes out of her way to be a good friend to everyone. She is always ready to participate in class and takes on challenging tasks with the most amazing attitude. She is an excellent example to other students and accepting and kind to everyone she meets. Mrs. Stewart

Olivia Nielson is a kind and caring friend. She is very observant, and she will recognize when there is someone in class that is struggling and jump right up to help no matter what it is they need. She is absolutely delightful to have in class and her positive attitude about learning new things or taking on challenging tasks rubs off on those around her. She is hardworking and always on task and is a wonderful example to her classmates. I have really enjoyed having her in my class this year. Mrs. Stewart

I would like to nominate Jaymi Van Der Spek in fifth grade to receive this award. Although she is more on the quiet side, she makes a big difference for good in our classroom. Jaymi looks for ways to help in the classroom without looking for recognition. She is thoughtful, kind and has made many friends this year despite moving to a new school. She works hard in class on her assignments and goes the extra mile with her work. She is respectful to her teachers and classmates. She has a great smile and tries to share her happiness with others. Jaymi has made a positive difference in our class and that is why I think she should get this award. - Mrs. Quinton

Kathy Cabanas, 4th Grade. Kathy has worked so hard this year. Each time she comes into the classroom she is ready to work. She sits down in her chair and waits for instructions. No matter what we are working on she will try her best. Many times she will ask if she can "try again" on an assignment or reading passage. She has such a positive attitude I don't ever hear her complain. She is a great student and I have enjoyed having her in my reading group this year. Mrs. Drollinger

I would like to nominate Alex Rueckert in 2nd Grade. Alex works very hard in class. He is a wonderful example to everyone around him. He is always on task, participates in every lesson, and does his best work. Not only does he work hard in class but he is also a great friend to everyone around him. He is kind, respectful and works hard. Alex would be a wonderful Excellent Explorer. -Mrs. Dyches

I would like to nominate Grace Young in 1st Grade. Grace is always happy to be at school and shows that happiness by being kind to others. She is helpful and makes people feel welcomed in our class. She is respectful and always tries to follow the rules of the classroom. She works hard each day and tries her best even when something might be challenging. Ms. Weeter