Reflection Winners at Spanish Oaks

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Visual Arts winners
Literature winners
Photography winners
Dance Choreography winners
Film Production winners
Music Composition winners
Another winner

We have some very talented students here at Spanish Oaks :)  Here are our Reflection winners, and which category they won in:

Photography:  Hayven Stumpe, Cheyenne Rasmussen.  

Visual Arts: Brooke Bennett, Jack Chilton, Max Rueckert, Grayson Clark, Alex Rueckert, Cali Jackson, Ryan Lee, Brynlee Dyches

Film Production:  Isaac Rueckert, Ellie Mills, Vera Garner

Literature:  Braelyn Nelson, Maia Baird, Mae Chilton

Music Composition:  Lucia Theodosis, Maisy Mills

Dance Choreography:  Lilian Madsen, Olivia Nielson, Caleb Allen 

Congratulations to all of you!  Thanks for participating!